Beware of the Lottery

I guess everyone has heard that the power ball lottery is now at $1.4 billion. This is more then the gross domestic product of many small countries. We can say whoever wins and share into that jackpot would be lucky bastards. But are people who win lottery jackpots are truly lucky? Is it in the stars that people who have not amassed their fortune over time are able to take the winning lottery fortune and use it to become even wealthier? Well someone came up with a saying “If you give a homeless guy $5 million dollars, he will be broke again. If you take away all of the money from a successful, wealthy person, he will be rich again. People who are broke are that way for a reason… and people who have money got where they are for a reason. It’s all in the mentality.” Think about it because I have not heard of big jack pot lottery winners using the winnings to establish a successful business, or even make prudent investments. If I’m wrong then let me hear from you.

There are two sides to a coin, there is the concept of yin and yang, karma, call it what you like but the track record of big jack pot lottery winners is a slippery slope and once the big jack pot lottery winners slip down that slope that drop off a cliff, and once you drop off a cliff you end up being smashed to pieces on the rocks and washed out to see to become fish food. Were these people ever meant to win? So I guess this may get you thing of pre-destiny…….

You may ask, those who were the subject of the featured videos were fools. But there are many other sad tales of how lottery winners end up. Well, I for one won’t be rushing out and selling my soul to some spiritual entity (god) to give me an insight into the winning numbers. Payback is a bitch.Even the generous lose.


  1. Interesting post. Not sure I agree. I have never won the lottery, but I did win a grand prize in a raffle. It was a trip fro two to Australia. I took my then girlfriend and we bonded and are still married, many years later. I feel it was a key point in my life that lead to connection with my soul mate. Things always happen for a reason. Personally, I think the reason we never hear about people doing wonderful things with lottery money is because media loves tragedy. Much more sensational to hear about someone going down the path of destruction rather than the path of philanthropy.


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    • Jeff the raffle prize was modest and getaways as a prize are always have an enjoyable out come.
      Big lottery jack pot winners don’t necessarily have to engage in philanthropy, but live a life and continue the pursuit of happiness. But big money brings out the demon in a lot of people. Lovers turn on each other, family members kill one another over it, you don’t know who to trust, bad decision and many parasites want a piece of the bread


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