Borrowed Time



A rookie salesman man got involved in a training program which had the potential to give him a six figured salary. That is if he put in the time and effort. To his frustrations the money wasn’t coming despite his best efforts. But he observed someone who was a veteran of the game pulling in the dollars without using the amount of energy that the rookie was putting into the business and not seeing much of a return. So he asked the old pro to train him, and the old pro agreed. The old pro told the rookie to meet him at a certain time. But for some reason the rookie did not show up on time. By the time the rookie showed up, the old pro was pissed. The old pro then turned to the rookie and accused him of stealing from him. The rookie was baffled and thought the old pro was crazy because he knew that he did not steal anything from him. So the old pro made it clear, to the rookie what he stole from him was time; something that he can’t   give back. So by now you probably have guessed what the moral of this story is. If you did or didn’t let me spell it out to you. The moral is that before we meet our demise time will always continue, what time we borrow today cannot be recovered because no-one can turn back the hands of time. Well at least science has not found a way to time travel yet……



  1. Hey man, we really like your style at Gastradamus. If you would please check out a few of my stories. We have topics about african americans and we would really like to hear your opinions on them. Keep up your blog, it is pleasing to the eyes. The pic about the fake women had me cracking up

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