intruders II

Being involved with an organization like the International Academy of Consciousness ({IAC}; one becomes aware of their essence. There are a lot of energy exercises; the exercises are a measure to strengthen your energetic self-defensive against physical and extra-physical forces. Like physical exercise there are benefits that develop. For example if one should do a lot of running they will develop their cardiovascular endurance, lose weight and reduce stress. It is similar when doing energy exercise. It will strengthen the aura, strengthen your energetic endurance against energy draining vampires, detect any energy blockage and loosen it up allowing the energy to flow, or the blockage may be an indicator of some physical aliment. For self-defensive it can repeal unseen forces, as well as conservation of energy to help you when toxic people drain you. Another development that takes place when regularly practicing energy exercise is the separation from the physical body experiencing lucid activity on the astral plane. However you tend to attract attention of the extra-physical beings to yourself.


   I was doing one of the IAC’s immersion courses when one night while I was in bed; I detected some kind of presence sneaking up on me. The room was dark so I didn’t see anything. It was a feeling that I had. I held out my hand, then suddenly my hand was grabbed; the unseen had a firm grasp on my hand; it was a strong I could not pull my hand away. My heart started pounding and I could not move. Something had got a hold of my hand and I don’t see anything, or anyone. After a couple of minutes whatever had my hand let go. Then I was startled, in Awe and flabbergasted all at the same time when I saw the silver out line of two beings. It was a male and female and they were doing the waltz. The male had on a top hat and was wearing a cape; the female was wearing a long dress. The clothing looked antique perhaps the 1800’s, they danced and turned at least three times before they disappeared.

Still don’t know what to make of it; these two spirits suddenly showing up intruding  then disappearing after absorbing some energy like a thief in the night. Was this random or were they there all the time? Well, I haven’t seen the female ever since, but the male did make another appearance. But I’ll tell that experience another time.

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  1. I used to suffer from sleep paralysis from the ages of 8- about 15 and I agree George, this experience is nothing like that.

    Your experience got me thinking- what IF you were shifted out of this time and you were actually moving at one speed and the figures at another? It’s like a weigh station, neither one of you belonged there and you’re only there for a moment.

    How would that affect your perception of your surroundings or how would your ability to sense your ‘world’ be disrupted?

    The figures turning three times is interesting too- your time, their time, the time you meet in.

    Just impression of mine that I took away from what I read.

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        • I’m sure it was not sleep paralysis because it happened before I fell asleep. It might have been fear. Sometimes when one gets surprised and fear of the unknown happens they can’t move. That’s what happened to me

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          • I think that I have heard that some people have sleep paralysis like that, they lay in bed, and then immediately have a sleep paralysis experience at the beginning of their sleep cycle that quickly.

            Another possibility is a Hypnagogic Hallucination (

            I think that the top hat or hat man is somewhat common in sleep paralysis experiences, and was even mentioned in a documentary that I saw before about sleep paralysis called The Nightmare.

            -John Jr


              • Interesting, I have heard that certain sounds (sounds that can be heard and those that can not be heard), certain fungi, and certain states of consciousness (maybe through energy exercises like you mentioned, meditation, et cetera) could possible cause something like that; and a few other things.

                But this could be something even more interesting and unknown.

                -John Jr


                • In a state of conscious carnal sounds precede separation from the physical (out of body experience). Also people who have been targeted for attack by ELF have reported hearing sounds.


                  • In the past I have heard of sound based technology that has been developed and used to effect/affect the mind and even project sounds/voices into people’s head such as this one program (there were more in the past, probably present, and probably more to come in the future):


                    Most of these programs seem to be United States military and/or CIA related, they had and have and continue to have so many negative things going on, who knows what they are up to sometimes with blank checks and secret budgets and increased privatization going on with their constant wars and much more; they would make Nazi Germany jealous, especially with how well they cover their activities and pretend to be on the side of good all the time, it is disturbing and sad that they continue to get away with their constant crimes that have long surpassed even their worst enemies.

                    -John Jr

                    -John Jr


                    • Yes, and there is a version of a technology that can beam messages directly into a person, s brain. It’s called voice to skull transmission. One that can be purchased. There are electronic schematics where on can build their own generator & amplifier. The US isn’t the only ones who use sound as a weapon. The MI5 (UK) & KGB also have programs. China doesn’t like to be left out and most recently I’ve heard ELF programs being used in the Middle East.
                      It would be hard for a targeted individual to prove they are under attack. The transmission frequency is specific to the targeted person.

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                    • Yep, The United States is not the only one, but is often involved in these things and leading the way; and has the biggest negative imprint around the world at this time as the current main empire of our current world with the most military bases and most expensive military et cetera.

                      -John Jr

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                    • Yep, and to make things even scarier and more dangerous so do the methods of hiding these things and manipulating people/society/et cetera into accepting it et cetera using the many methods available now-a-days.

                      -John Jr

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