There was this one dude that hanging with was just unpredictable. He was a conniver and cheater. A lady’s man it was quite amazing that he had a lot of women and they all thought they were the only one. One Saturday an idea floated around about going to a dance hall club in Queens. That would be nice but not possible since we were strapped for cash. Homeboy had an idea, he said I know where I can get some finances. Just come with me and do as I say.

He called on this one girl who was in love with him. Even her mother liked him so much she thought she was gaining a son. When she came to pick us up she was so happy to see him she just melted. Then she took us to the house and her mother was so happy to see him. She hugged him, offered us drinks. When she went to the kitchen to get the drinks. He said something to the girl, then she went to the next room. While they were out of the living room. He said, look when I give you the signal make up some excuse so we can leave. The mother came back with the drinks, then the daughter came back and gave him something wrapped in tissue. Then she started to hug and kiss him. They sat down, but the girl still could not keep her hands off him. She was sitting in his lap, and kissing him. Then Homeboy kicked me on my shin. What the fuck! Hey, that must be the signal.

Finding some lame excuse to leave I interrupt them making out; don’t remember exactly what that lame excuse was but it got us out of there, but not before the girl expressed how much said she hates me for not allowing him to stay. Me allow him to stay? But it’s not my fault that she was in love with a Cheater who didn’t give two shits about her. If anything it’s her fault. But hey, thanks for the dough. We had a good time at that club, what she gave in the name of love paid the entrance fee, and drinks all night; and the man she loved met and spent the night with some floozy whore.

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