Date Night


 The old saying is that men are from Mars and Women are Venus. This is because each has a difference in perspective. Even when it comes to Disagreeing  how much they liked what took place on a date, or whether there will be future dates.

At a cookout the where the grill was fired up and the air filled with the aroma of cooking meat; chicken ribs beef and curry goat. Donald and Bill reminisce about their hot dates with Melanie and Hillary.

Bill said Man; I had a great time on my date with Hillary. When we decided to have a stay at home date I didn’t think it would be this awesome. When I arrived at Hillary’s place, she had this great home cooked meal ready. I sat down; she served me; afterwards we had sex then we chilled on the coach for a while, and wouldn’t you know I still got home in time to see the game. I wouldn’t mind seeing her again.


 At the same point in time when Bill was telling Donald about his date with Hillary. Melanie and Hillary were at a café siting at a table sipping their cappuccino. Melanie and Hillary were also reminiscing about the same the hot dates that they had with Bill and Donald

Melanie asked Hillary, How’d that date with Bill go?  Hillary said girl, you know when I agreed to have a stay at home date with Bill; I thought I’d enjoy it. But it was terrible. Bill was to come over and we were supposed to prepare the meal together. Instead I did it by myself and it took me a while to prepare everything. When Bill showed up he didn’t have much of a conversation, he just sat down and stuffed his face. Then he convinced me to have sex with him. After we had sex, he just sat on the couch and dozed off. When he woke up he said he had to go; leaving me to clean up by myself. I don’t think I’ll ever have another date with him again… Melanie responded I don’t blame you if you didn’t.  Hillary asked how your date with Donald was?

Melanie said my date was great; I had a wonderful romantic time. At first I thought were going to have a stay at home date; but he took me to this nice restaurant. After we finished instead of rushing home he decided to take me on a romantic walk; we walked holding hands and looking at the night sky and checking out city’s night spots. When we arrived at his place, and went inside; he lit candles making the atmosphere be more interment. Then when we were having sex he made sure that I was enjoying the moment by pleasuring me for at least an hour. Yeah, child; he went down and ate me for that long. When he finally went inside me I had to scream; his stamina was unbelievable he went at it for a while. When we finished we just laid there and cuddled. I would definitely go out with him anytime he wants to see me…..

Hillary said, ohhh I’m glad you had a good time I always thought that Donald was a geek. Both Hillary and Melanie giggled as they sipped their cappuccino. Now back at the cook out at the same moment Melanie was telling Hillary about her date with Donald; Donald begins telling Bill how his date went with Melanie.


Donald said, dam man it’s too bad my date wasn’t as good as yours. My date with Hilary was a disaster. It all started when I came home from work to find that the electric company had cut off my service during the day because I forgot to mail out the bill. Instead of having a stay at home date like you did I had no choice but to take her to a restaurant. The restaurant bill was so expensive I didn’t have enough money left to pay for a cab; I had to hold Melanie’s hand to convince her to walk back to my place. The walk from the restaurant to my place was some ways, and since I was tired because of work; each time we passed a night spot I saw a bench I asked Melanie to sit for a few moments so that I can rest before we would continue to walk; It’s a good thing that Melanie liked to look up at the stars while we were walking it distracted her from noticing that the walk back to my place was far. When we got to my place I had to light candles since the electric company cut off my lights. When we were in bed, I was so stressed that I couldn’t get it up; I didn’t want her to be bored so I went down on her and ate her for at least an hour until I finally got hard. I wanted to finish up quickly but once it was up it wouldn’t go down.  I was in her for so long that she started to scream before it was over. Then on top of that I could not fall asleep I  just laid there with Melanie until she was ready to leave. This date was so disastrous that I would never go out with her again.

Bill says to Donald; dam dude have some chicken, you’ll feel better……



  1. So true… such a nice post..people have different ways of percipience..Men and women do think in different ways so they are being as a couple😊remember unlike poles attract easily😉the same here with relationships!!Found your blog from solidarity bloggers challenge!

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  2. So true. I had a chuckle or two because of how spot on it is. A boyfriend and I about 15 years ago had used the book, “Men are from Mars…” to make sure we understood each other at all times and the relationship worked fabulously well… So well that I did not mind his infidelity. Lol!
    I love how you’ve relayed the message.

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  3. Hello True George,

    That was a creative and interesting way to give us readers an example of your point whether the reader agrees with your point or not, I also like your choice of names of the characters in your example 😉 , this approach allows us readers to somewhat visualize the situation as we read it.

    I would like to see someone turn this into a skit on YouTube or somewhere like that. 😀

    Keep up the good work,
    -John Jr

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