Borderline Personality


For some reason Dora was very talkative. It was surprising that she approached the Therapist to engage in a conversation; this is because she usually won’t say anything to anyone unless you are engaging in some type of activity with her. Dora started telling the Therapist about her experiences with some of the staff. She also, started to reminisce about some of her experience during the years that she spent in the Psych Ward. However, she did not want to say how many years she has been in the Psych Ward, perhaps because she holds on to the notion that she will eventually be discharged into her own apartment. Yet she is the one who needs to make the decision to leave. Her treatment team has already expressed that she can leave anytime she wants…



  1. Dora’s situation sounds pretty bad, you did a good job describing the situation where I could somewhat visualize and imagine things as you described them, thank you for sharing this True George.

    -John Jr

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  2. Excellent description of the Borderline Personality Disorder, TrueGeorge.
    Since the psychiatric literature says BPDs are characterized by an uncertain and undeveloped sense of self, one wonders how BPDs get better without a firm sense of self or self-identity. Just one of the many reasons why this disorder is notoriously difficult to treat.

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