Corey Goode


I was watching a series of interviews with this guy named Corey Goode. He had a lot to say and what he said would get you wondering about lots of things. Well just who is this Corey Goode? Let’s just say that I had a peak into his back story at least the information that is revealed. But if I’m missing anything I will appreciate it if someone will let me know.

The only thing that I got were his claims about being identified as an intuitive empath (IP) who was recruited through one of the military abduction (MILAB) programs at the age of six. The MILAB is an abduction program that takes people indoctrinate and trains them to be a participant in anyone of the ongoing military black operations programs (black ops). Corey Goode served the MILAB from 1976 to 1987. Now the question is what was his role in the MILAB program? The only activity that he brings to light is the role he played during the later years and shortly before he left the MILAB program. Some questions remains unanswered such as how many years did his training last and what was his actual age when he became black ops operative. In total Goode said that he served 20 years in the program. You Can do the math if he spent 20 years in the program in total this would mean that he was born in 1960 and was abducted by the MILAB program in 1966, trained for 10 years and became an active operative in the black ops program at 16 years old and exiting the black ops at the age of 27.

The area of interest that Goode has been revealing almost acting as a whistle blower is concerning the secret space program. Towards the end of his time in the MILAB black ops program he was assigned to fill the IP support role for a rotating Earth delegate seat in a human type extraterrestrial (ET) super federation council. The Earth delegation’s seat is shared among the earth’s governments on a rotation basis. Goode had the job of interfacing and communicating with non-terrestrial beings.

The other roles that Goode performed during his 20 years in the MILAB black ops program were an assignment in the intruder interception program to the Auxiliary Specialized Space Research (ASSR) program, and the Interstellar class Vessel (SRV).   Otherwise Goode has not revealed any other roles he has participated in. As part of his exit agreement Goode is required to do on-going recall work on a as needed basis. This mean that the MILAB black ops have not totality let him go. Also there are claims that he is the chosen to interface with multiple ET councils and federations on behalf of the Blue Avians (more on them later) of the Blue Sphere Alliance as their delegate.

In his regular Joe life Corey served in the Texas National Guard from 2007- 2012; and is working in the information and communication technology field. He has experience in hardware and software virtualization, physical and IT security counter electronic surveillance risk assessment and executive security. His time with the Guard was unrelated to what he does in the Secret Space program.


  1. Hello True George,

    Interesting, his story sounds somewhat familiar, and I have read several similar stories before almost like this but I can not remember the names of the people who made those claims online.

    -John Jr

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