3 Days in Mexico


With the current President elect of the United States becoming official on January 20th, people are wondering when the construction of the wall across the Mexican border will begin. There are pros and cons to this wall construction assuming that the idea will get off the ground. For everything positive, there is a negative. But let’s look at a positive aspect of entering Mexico without the restriction of a wall. There are benefits in Mexico that is not legally available in the good ole USA. Well listen to this and maybe you can figure it out.

A young man had a string of bad luck. Things weren’t going his way in all areas of life; the finances, romance, family and spiritual shortcomings. He became depressed and with that depression the idea to commit suicide. The Mental Health communities are finding that depressed people are prone to develop suicidal thoughts. Whether those thoughts are the actual ideas of the person themselves is another matter. There are seen and unseen influences that take advantage of the mentally fragile person. The Psych Ward Chronicles will give you an insight to that  (https://truegeorge.com/category/psych-ward-chronicles/).


Well the young man got his suicide plan together, gave away his beloved items. The only thing left was some money he was saving. The money totaled around five thousand dollars. What is going to do with it? So he got a wild idea that he will go to Mexico and commit suicide there. He took the drive from New York City to Arizona and from there he crossed over to Mexico. While on his way to Mexico City he decided to stop. Since he knew little Spanish he didn’t know that he was in a red light district. All he knew that the people there treated him good and the women were fun. At the bar one woman introduced him to another, and that woman introduced him to yet another woman. They all made him feel special. Then a suggestion floated around for him to stay a while and get a room upstairs. He thought it was a great idea, yeah; I can spend this last five thousand dollars and chill with these beautiful women. Well you know five thousand U.S dollars will go a long way in Mexico. So now the party begins. The five thousand dollars financed all the cocaine he can take and he engaged in a Marathon of sex with the women. This was a marathon of sex, drugs and I’m sure there was some rock and roll or even hip hop rap thrown in the mix too. The marathon went on for three days.  After taking a snooze and waking up, the depression that was weighing him down was suddenly lifted. He felt great, had lots of energy and came to realization that life is worth living. With that enthusiasm he went back to New York and lived life to its fullest.


Well what is the moral of this story? You can think of something, but to me; thanks to a Mexican Whore house a life was saved. If that wall is built then there will be no access to the whore houses. Trump, you say “grab them by the pussy” why do you want to cut off access to the Mexican whore house where grabbing women by the pussy is legal? Either they are gonna make whore houses legal in America or let Americans go to Mexico and live it up, have some fun after all a Mexican whore house saved a life. It could possibly save more.


  1. Hello True George,

    That was an interesting story, a life was saved that day, he found something to lift that cloud; unfortunately many do not.

    At the end of last year I saw a short Adam Ruins Everything video about the border wall:

    -John Jr

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