Side Effects


This week the usually sleepy Psych Ward was lively. Patients that are usually quiet and stay in their rooms were roaming around. One of patients that stood out was Lydia. Her behavior made staff and her fellow patients laugh. Yet her behavior also showed that she has a lot of unresolved mental issues. It is ironic because Dora who is one of the most unpredictable patients and who is usually the one who is involved in commotions was quiet.

Another patient that that stood out was Anna. She is the type of patient whose degree of awareness varies. One week she as some awareness and another week she has no type of awareness. But this week Anna was cognitively stable and was very aware. Anna explained that the new Doctor took her off Lithium. She said the Lithium side effects were very unpleasant….


  1. That was an interesting read. I hope the two patients get better, it is weird how certain products will effect people differently. To have six months of your life blank in your mind would be a scary thought. Will read your others to marrow buddy. Have a good night

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