The Child & Shadow


  Saturday night as I was lying down relaxing in bed I was thinking of the short story that I had seen on the Twilight Zone. I don’t remember the title of the story but for some reason it popped up in my head. The story is about a mother who brings back her son from the dead using black magic. The mother was so happy to get the son back treated him lovingly but was a bit over protective. However, when the boy came back he seemed he lost some of his memory. But slowly it started to come back in bits and pieces. What he started to remember was how his mother treated him and the circumstances that lead to his death. The boy recalled instances that he was abused by the mother. Then he recalled in bits and piece that it was actually the mother’s fault why he died. In between the fragmented memories, the boy tried to kill the mother. At the end of the story, the son managed to incapacitate the mother, and as the mother was laying on her back asking “why” the boy said that “Tony (her son) did not want to come back, so he sent me instead”, and the appearance of the boy changed revealing that he is a demon. Then he started to mutilate the mother until she died.

When I eventually fell, asleep what I saw was the house in the story. The house is above a cliff; I then saw myself on the rocks below the cliff and then I saw myself transform into another being. However, I have no memory of the form that I transformed into. I suppose it is one of those things that the subconscious blocked off because the conscious is not ready for it. Anyway, the next scene was that I was in the house. I did not see how I got into the house, but I was there in the house. In the house, I saw the demon; then we started to engage in a physical battle…. the details of the battle were not clear but the dream cycle ended and I was semi awake the I noticed a shadowy figure by my bed. This kind of startled me and I sat up to see who or what was there which made me become fully awake. Then I saw the shadowy figure walk towards me; the shadowy figure was walking fast, it walked to the edge of the bed and continued walking straight like it is going to walk through the bed. But just before it reached my feet the shadowy figure disappeared.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That shadowy figure at the end was definitely creepy and a bit intense, for some reason I imagine it walking in a straight fast odd almost robotic-like way toward your bed, do you think that it was a hypnopompic hallucination or something real?

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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  2. Wow This a Deep metaphorical
    Dream !! Subconscious and subliminal meanings . Life is twilight zone . What is normal
    About time running one way ? And living in a world how it is ? On other hand it’s beautiful in some ways too

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