Subway Killers


This is one of those dreams that intertwined realty and fabrication. I didn’t see a particular message or motive behind this dream. The reality part of the dream is my role as a security guard which I used to do to make some extra money on weekends and during the holidays. The setting is the subway which is also part of the reality. The rest is a fabrication of the mind.

I saw that I was a security guard and that I was on a subway platform. I was looking down the tracks, in the direction that the train approaches. I saw an animal running from inside the tunnel; it looked like a dog, but it was slightly bigger than a dog. I had a radio with me; I called the base and informed them that a dog was running out of the subway tunnel on the tracks.

Since the animal was large I decided not to try and catch it. Then at the spot where the dog was, I saw a man; it looked like the man was on the run. The animal could have transformed into a man, because when the man appear the animal disappeared. I then saw another man jump behind the man that just appeared, he grabbed him by the head, tilted his head back and cut his throat. I witnessed these events behind a pillar on the subway. After I saw that the man’s throat was cut, I started to make moves to sneak away without being seen. I was running through the subway (in the third person), the killer managed to catch up with me when I was at the bottom of the ladder leading up out to the street. There were two men; the killer and someone else (the additional person only appeared once). I said, “that your secret is safe with me.” The killers said, “that it better be and that they will be watching, and if you mess up we’ll be coming after you.” At that moment, I felt hostility towards the killers, and I gave the killers a warning in a stern voice, I said,” that surveillance without merit and watching my every move will not be tolerated, and that I will be coming after you if it happens.” They were laughing and said that there is a third member of their group who will be watching. This person appeared, he was wearing a neckerchief to hide his identity; the neckerchief resembled the one that the Zapisters (Mexican freedom fighters, and advocates for native Indian rights in Mexico) chief Sub Commander Marcos uses. The neckerchief came off and his face was revealed to me, but it was someone that I had never seen before.

The rest of the dream was too cloudy to remember.

©2017 All Rights Reserved


  1. Hello True George,

    That was impressive how you ended up standing your ground in this dream in such a dangerous situation, well done.

    I do wonder if any of those men could shapeshift or not.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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