Boiling Emotions


When I saw the word Detonate and most recently rage it got me thinking about how some artists get so angry that they use their mediums as the detonation to explode their feelings and emotions to the audience. The particular message could be targeted to a specific person. Those who are fans of the artist have a general idea who is the targeted person. But it always amazes me that depending on the genre of expression there are some sort of expectations. If you are dealing with dance hall sound clashes you’ll have one camp against the other. The D.J or rappers lyrics insulting each other until a nerve is hit then someone will throw a beer bottle. It only takes one bottle thrown, and then 10 or 20 bottles follows after that one bottle hits the ground. Perhaps fist fights which usually graduates to gun fire. Once that happens there is a stampede when everyone starts rushing to the exit. Let’s hope there is more than one exit

This leads up to one artist who made an angry album just after his band broke up. The person I’m talking about is John Lennon. The advocate for peace and love was one angry fellow following the breakup of the Beatles. His anger was mainly directed at Paul McCartney and unresolved issues concerning his mother. His first solo album “John Lennon Plastic Ono Band” was used to Detonate his anger. In fact it is one of the angriest collections of music I’ve heard. The man had issues; anyway when you listen to it you can’t help but feel sorry for the man. I hope he is resting in peace.


  1. I have never heard that about John Lennon before. I was not a big Beatles fan growing up and just recently realized that I do like a lot of their music, most of which I never even knew they had written. Did he ever make amends with Paul before he died?


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