Erotic Seduction


 After persuading someone into a sexual encounter or love affair probably may eventually lead to a relationship. Keep in mind that it’s one thing to develop and amplifying loving feelings and another if sexual pleasure is the only thing that is desired. The components that we are speaking of are seduction, and erotic hypnosis. There is a belief that everybody should have the freedom of choosing or rejecting a partner for whatever reason the decision is based on. In the field of seduction, which we can consider as fore play, and erotic hypnosis as the real thing (depending on your point of view), overlaps, due to the various techniques used by different schools of seduction; especially those that are based on Nuero Linguistic Programing (NLP) which arouses the imagination of the person that is the object of seduction with the presupposition that sex begins in the mind. The states that create the arousal are meant to overcome resistance or even lead the object of seduction to take control of the situation by doing things or actions to the benefit of the person doing the seducing (male of female). The state that creates the arousal naturally concludes with the climax; which brings us to the concept that the seduction patterns have an effect on the field that is considered essential to erotic hypnosis. On the other hand when there is an established relationship; seduction or fore play that leads to the depths of enchantment towards a single sexual session is rear. There are many other factors that is in play that holds the relationship together especially for a long term relationship. There are things done that consistently spark the energy that both parties enjoy from the time they got together. The depths of lust and intriguing desires and fantasies are where the field of erotic hypnosis come into play where the full potential of those desires and fantasies are unleashed. The field is limitless with boundaries that are drawn by both partners.


What is it that makes us want or like a particular person? Could it be a set of particular factors which come together and we label it attraction?  Or is it the physical beauty that appeals to us? In some parts of the world, being a little overweight is considered aesthetically desirable.  In the olden days in some parts of the world it was a sign of wealth. Now, in this time and age, a lot of money is spent to keep the body in shape; where the term “shape,” means to have a “slime line.” In western countries like the U.S and Great Britain, a large segment of the population is considered obese. This is alarming the government so much it propose some type of counter measures. Obesity is considered a sickness in societies that are considered wealthy. These are prime examples that standards of beauty are entrenched in the society, rather than natural selection. We can say the same thing when it comes to the character traits of a person, and any other factors that one seeks within a partner.  There are two categories that affect us when it comes to the standards of beauty that are imposed on us. It affects us on both the conscience and unconscious levels on our presumption of attractiveness. There are our own personal experiences, and there are the standards that are imposed on culture by our social society. The imposition of standards of beauty that are imposed on us by society is called “collective implants,” these implants are deep rooted and we perceive them as personal due to the long term roots.

The attraction that a man may have by female breasts (size or roundness), is seen by some psychologists (what do they know) as an unconscious response to the maternal love during child hood, in fact we tend to desire what is rear and what we cannot immediately get whenever we want it; and which we have no control over, or if it’s not within our understanding. The fascination doubles if other people were to claim what we desire ourselves.

It is said that emotions are provoke through physical attraction; it is also said the emotions is rooted within the right brain; hypnosis and the subconscious activity is also associated with the right brain; so it isn’t easy to conclude that hypnosis is the potent tool to unleash the full potential of our feelings. If you were to look into these things, enhanced positive feelings can be beneficial to us not only for our mental well being but also for physical health. The physiological changes that occur during attraction, seduction, and lovemaking starts within the brain; which then projects the feelings associated within our bodies. Manipulating the brain and installing the correct feelings and emotions will generate an improvement within our quality of life not to mention sexual activity and overall health.

Remember that attraction, lust, love and passion chemistry, as well as hate, are states of process that take place within the human mind and body and that they can be summoned forth and directed at will…

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  1. People at times form relationships after engaging in sex. Sometimes it becomes a committed relationship or just a sexual one in which you can remain friends. People engage in seduction of a relationship that is so called forbidden because of something they are either lacking in there life or relationship and instead of dealing with it within, they chose to use someone as their coping mechanism. I chuck it up not to shame but to understand we are all human and not perfect.

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    • As long as the person felt a particular emotion in their lifetime that emotion cane be summoned. We are under hypnosis everyday. Whether it is intentional or unintentional. Formal and covert…….


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