Weighing in on all the hoopla concerning Donald Trump’s executive order disqualifying the transgender from serving in the military; the thesis and antithesis of who is right and who is wrong is really a subjective point of view. Even among Veterans and active duty personal there are many examples that make the case for those who are for and against the initiative to disqualify the transgender. Viewpoints from Vets like Kristin Beck the decorated Navy SEAL who transitioned from male to female after she left the Navy. Then there is J.R Salzman  a wounded Vet who argues that a person who is conflicted emotional, physically and mentally is a ticking time bomb in a combat environment. The latter argument holds more water. Even when the non- transgendered are in an emotional, physical and mental turmoil it is a problem that gets compounded and endangers everyone else.   But there are those who are transgendered and are not in emotional, physical and mental turmoil to the point where it will compromise their unit in a combat zone. Look at Beck; he/she was sound minded while he/she was serving as a SEAL. The military is supposed to examine all before they are deployed to ensure that they are sound minded and physical capable before they are deployed. However, depending on how bad the government wants troops on the ground the military may overlook the flaws and lower the standards that permits a service person to be deployed. I’ve heard the saying “let those who have not sinned caste the first stone.” I hope when you caste the stone you don’t hit your glass house.

When I was doing a Master degree program at one of New York City’s well-established and expensive Universities where they suck you dry for tuition money, but hey, who can put a price on education? I guess the banks can because students are stuck with paying off the tuition for years after graduation. I took some courses in the study of gender and I wrote a paper on the transgendered entitled GENDER-TRANSGENDER I got a mark of 80 for this paper. Today while looking on how GENDER-TRANSGENDER was written True_George has noted that my writing skill has since improved and if I were to have written this same paper today with my improved writing skills I would have gotten a 100. Anyway; I’ve decided to put the paper here with the hopes that it will inform and perhaps educate you on transgendered/transsexual and transvestites.  Just recognize what you are reading is an academic study not a creative writing:


  1. Hello True George,

    I see that you are used the ancient technique to make in-text links, well done 😉 . 👍

    Thank you sharing your paper, it was short (shorter than my dream post today) and to the point.

    My opinion on this issue is that if a soldier is capable of doing their job and meeting all of the standards required by the military, then it should not matter, and so this executive order is discriminatory and unnecessary and will hurt the United States military in several ways (recruitment of certain groups and individuals and the morale of some current soldiers et cetera, but not by very much and not that many soldiers though) in my opinion.

    -John Jr

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    • Yes it is indeed a discriminatory measure; after all the military discriminate all the time. Yet, the transgender ability to serve is not in question it has more to do with regulations over the treatment of them and the cost and associated confusion when they are in a period of transitioning. The gov’t will foot the bill to look after a sick or injured service men; but transitioning to another gender is not a matter of being sick or injured to be healed after treatment. Even in the civilian world those sex assignment surgeries are optional and not life and death.


      • Yes the military does discriminate, they have certain standards to try to limit who can become and be a soldier because they need people who are able to handle the jobs that they need them to do.

        This executive order misses that point and goes to the extreme, it is one of those obvious excuses given to cover for something else from my past experiences from things that I have seen and experienced in real life where people try to mask their true motives for things with excuses to cover their actions, and an obvious slippery slope in my opinion.

        The military could simply start by letting it be known that they will no longer cover unnecessary cosmetic and other unnecessary medical services, this could cover a variety of things and not just gender changes, and that would help a lot and would cover that excuse without going to the extreme.

        If that is not enough, if too many soldiers are paying with their own money and still causing enough problems, then they could go a step further and punish people on an individual level.

        If that is not enough, they could limit the type of procedures that soldiers can get while they are in the military, et cetera.

        -John Jr

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          • And not very well, which is common for people like this in my experiences, because this kind of stuff is more common where I live.

            When I was in school they wanted to pass new unnecessary and discriminatory rules on us students (that targeted various groups), they gave weak excuses and then they passed their rules, and their rules did not help and they made things worse and those rules are probably still in effect / affect until this day probably.

            But that approach is more common in our local government and in other areas where I live so they have done things like that before I was born and throughout my lifetime so it can be easier to spot for me at times, and it is nothing new.

            It is just annoying, especially how these weak excuses still seem to work sometimes, and they usually will not admit not only the truth but when their new rules et cetera fail.

            -John Jr

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      • Hello Jacquelineobyikocha,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue, and I definitely agree with you. 👍

        If they are so worried about saving money then they should focus on bigger wastes of money like private companies who are overcharging the military and some who are charging the military for services that they are not even providing (if you only knew how bad this issue is, there have been some good investigative reports about this, but you will probably not find most on them in the mainstream news), unnecessary wars and conflicts and arming and training and bribing et cetera rebel / terrorist / militia / et cetera groups and certain countries, overpriced unnecessary expensive to maintain weapon systems, illegal unethical unnecessary destructive et cetera drone strikes et cetera (each bomb / missile et cetera is expensive as well), and more; and that would be a better start to saving the military money.

        -John Jr


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