Missing Link


Dream and out of body experiences often inter lap with each other. Sometimes you may think that you’ve experienced lucid dream when actually you’ve experienced astral projection; and vice versa. The experience was one of those; but what is still being pondered was whether the out of body experience was spontaneous or by design:

When I retired for the night I decided to put on the Attitude Activator tape by Rex Sikes. It was playing and I started to drift down to the pre- sleep stage allowing the program to penetrate the subconscious. After a while I found myself getting that feeling of being drawn into the trance state. But this time the tingling feeling was felt in my head; and as I felt that tingling feeling I started to see a combination of white and blue and black particles swirling around in the air. While looking at the colored swirling particles I felt myself being drawn out side of my body.  I was floating alongside of the bed; the room was not dark anymore; the room was lit up with light illuminating from my floating body. From the point where I was floating, I held my arm straight and pointed it at the drapes that are dividing my room into two parts. When I pointed my arm at the drapes the drapes parted and opened up on command. Then I did the same thing with the closet and opened the closet doors. Then I opened the room door leading to the other room where the computer is. I did not go into the other room, the actions that I took was a test to see what I could do, in the state that I was in. But then I saw that my clothes were coming out the closet and beginning to fill the space between me and the open doors.

I decided to leave the room and go on a journey; I do not know which route was taken and I did not see how I exited out of the room but I reached a destination. A suggestion popped into my head giving me the idea that I was at this destination to retrieve a part of me that was missing. Then I saw the missing part; it was another version of myself.  The missing part was dressed in different clothes a construction person wears. The missing part had on a blue denim shirt and jeans; the missing part also had a respirator, with pink filters on the top of the head.  The respirator looked like the one that I used when I was at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center (W.T.C). The missing part was in the hallway of a building  perhaps it was in one of the twin towers in W.T.C how I remembered the stairwell. The missing part was working with another entity. We were looking for something, or someone. When I approached the missing part, I took it by the hand. When I took the missing part by the hand, the entity that was with the missing part did not interfere.  I brought the missing part back to the room, as I came back into the room I went back into my body. The missing part followed suit, but the missing part had trouble getting back into the body, then I saw my arms come up from the body, and grab the missing part by the mid-section, and pulled it back into my body. When the missing part went back into the body, I saw an outline of myself following suit. There were about five outlines that followed, as everyone came back to the body, I felt cold. The coldness that one feels when they have been sitting in a chair, and they get up from that chair and when they come back to the chair it is cold because the body was not there to keep it warm. After the last outline was in the body, I felt that I was whole, the coldness disappeared, and the warmth came back. The trance was over.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing this experience, you wrote it well enough that I was able to visual it as I read it, do you remember what the entity looked like and / or do you have any thoughts about what it possibly was?

    -John Jr

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    • Really! I’m not familiar with the Shamanic soul retrieval concept, and if such a procedure is facilitated by a Shaman then how was it possible that I happen to do achieve it?
      Perhaps the higher self knows what needs to be done….

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