Exploring The Body


 One after noon I decided to take a break while at work; when I got to the lounge there were two of my fellow co-workers sitting down and talking at the table. I went over to the couch and laid down. After I laid down I went into the motions to engage in my self-hypnosis meditation. I started with the breathing exercise and then I used the eye fixation technique for the self-hypnosis. I picked an imaginary spot on the ceiling and I fixed my eyes on it while I continued with the breathing exercise. It wasn’t long before I felt a tingling sensation in one of my arms. I changed my breathing rate and when the breathing rate was changed I found that the tingling sensation went away and the level of relaxation started to change.  To get back into a more relaxed state I changed the breathing rate to what it was before. Then the tingling sensation came back. When the sensation came back I found that I had a heightened sensitivity of what was around me. Then I felt the lower half of me (waist down) change position. My legs were dangling over the side of the couch even though I was lying down. This is when I recognized that I was being separated from my physical body.

I looked towards the table were Mr. B and Ms. S were sitting. Even though I could hear them talk, I did not see their bodies. Instead I saw a girl in the place where Ms. S was sitting. View of the girl became fuzzy after a couple of seconds. In the position where Mr. B was sitting I did not see anything. I attempted to get a complete separation from myself; but my upper body would not separate.  Instead I moved in a different direction to see if I could get a separation. When I went downwards; I found that I was able to look inside myself. I found myself going into in my chest area. When I entered the chest there were a lot of fluids, and there was a scent; the scent smelled like the fluid that that accompanies vomit.  I traveled down the chest to the top of the heart cavity. I saw the beating heart; I did not want to go further because I did not know if my astral presence would upset the heart. I bypassed the heart and went further down my body. I myself submerged in more fluid. My reaction to being submerged in fluid was to hold my breath. I held my breath until I could not hold it any more and when I let go of holding my breath, I found that I was able to breath even though I was submerged in the fluid. I traveled down into the stomach. There was some type of activity (perhaps digestion) going on in the stomach. I followed the feeding tube up; while I was moving up the feeding tube I saw fluid moving down the tube. When I reached the face cavity, I saw the holes were the eye socket and nose are located. Then I lined up my astral body with the physical body. First time I did it I felt that I was not lined up properly so I readjusted myself and  lined myself up again  After the astral body was lined up with the physical body I felt myself being rejoined and once the rejoining happened  I came out of the relaxed state. When got up I felt  energized.

I had recognized that I was having an out of body experience because my legs wear secured under the couch’s handle. Also I had no feeling in my legs; all the feelings were transferred to the dangling legs.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was a detailed and unusual and interesting experience.

    Thank you for sharing that.

    I do not think that I have experienced something like this before.

    Going inside yourself literally like this sounds crazy and intense or some other adjectives that I can not think of, it seems that you handled the experience very well, probably better than I would have handled it.

    -John Jr


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