It was one of those days at the government Plantation aka the job where I spend time in the role of an overseer of worker in my capacity as a supervising government bureaucrat. I took notice that since the cell phone company up-graded their overall service I have full bars on my cell phone in areas of the government building where my fellow bureaucrats do not get service on their cell phone. For the past couple of months the managing bureaucrats have put me in an enclosed cell, I mean room which is one of those places where cell phone service is cut off. But thanks to my cell phone company it is no longer the case with me. So now I could go on my dumb smart phone and stream you tube videos. OK I have to confess that I could have access streaming you tube videos on my government computer but the problem with that is if I do access you tube and stream videos the government watch dogs that is watching the government bureaucrat cyber activities will seek to bring up charges of unauthorized use of government equipment; which will result in the government extorting up to 80% of what it gives to us bureaucrats semi-weekly. I’m talking about the crumbs that are available after the government steals 45% of the total gross off the top. I just don’t figure out how the government does not realize that doing things like that opens a desperate bureaucrat to misappropriate government funds and divert it to their own pockets. I don’t want to get off track, so that is another discussion for another time.

So now in the enclosed cell, I mean room with my cell phone in hand and my JBC portable speaker with blue tooth capabilities I am pondering what shall I listen too? First thing that popped in my mind is that I should stream music. Some oldies or top ten charts; there are a lot of stuff that I’ve heard and many more that I haven’t heard. Which genre shall it be? What crosses my mind is Jamaican music, American R&B, Hip hop, Rap, Rock & Roll, Reggaeton, Heavy Metal…but then another idea pops in my heard. Why not listen to one of those no hold bars radio shows that is popping up all over cyber space; shows that would get banned if it were to be played over the mainstream radio Even the talk show king Howard Stern bolted from mainstream radio to satellite radio for freedom escaping the morality of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) and the conservatism of the radio networks. For some reason two names popped into my head; Star and Buc Wild.

Well it’s been a couple of years since I heard Star and Buc Wild on the radio, I wonder if any of their shows were digitized and put on you tube. When I put the words Star and Buc Wild in the you tube search engine; bang, a whole lot of videos came out, not just past content I noticed that there is new content. Got, dam playing this content is going to be fun and I hope it will get some of my fellow government Bureaucrats to loosen up and not be so stuck up. So now you’re asking, just who the hell is Star and Buc Wild?

Star is a self-professed hater has written a biography called OBJECTIVE-HATE which tells us of his journey of been a nobody from New Jersey to his cocaine filled past, drug dealing moving from place to place in New York City and the development of the Star and Buck Wild character that became an innovator in the world of radio show personalities as well as being an original hater. One of the few that today’s radio show hosts and those doing pod casts and streaming videos emulate.

Now he has assembled a new team and is broadcasting in the mornings under the banner “Star in the Morning.” Part of his team is a dude named Shampoo. This guy acts ignorant but he used to be a regular on the Howard Stern Show. When he was with Howard Stern he called himself the king of Blacks. He even had his own show on satellite radio. He is the executive producer of Star in the Morning.



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