When having dream or a subjective experience through meditation sometimes what we see, experience and feel qualifies as memory fragments of a past life. How else feelings and an accurate picture of an environment that we’ve never been too and experience before in this life time is explained. Does it make the theories of reincarnation valid? Well, there are similar hypothesis except for the notion of not having the choice of what conditions or even what type of creature that we come back as; there are more hypothesis that suggest that we make our own plan how we are going to live when we come back to the physical life.

This lead me to this next experience. If you have been reading my regular dream journal entries, then you would have noticed that I’ve mentioned stuff about Roman Soldiers. The following experience has led me to believe that it is a possibility that I could have had a past life as a Roman Soldier; given how profound this experience was.

It was during the evening when I started the process of doing the self-hypnosis meditation. This time around I did not do the basic movement of energy I just did the deep breaths and count down. Then as I went into the experience I saw that I was in a great hall. I was a Roman soldier; it seemed that I was the one in charge or I had some type of authority. We had prisoners; they were two women. They were dressed in clothes that I recognized as being ancient Egyptian. I had asked one of the women her age; she said that she was 15 years old; and then I asked the other woman how old she is; the other woman said that she is 30 years old. Then I took the 30-year-old and put her on a table, spread her legs and raped her. After that was over I was walking through the building, and all through the building there were Roman Soldiers raping women. However, what stood out was that I took the younger women and put them aside. Whenever I saw a younger woman I stopped the Soldiers from raping her. Even if a Soldier were in the process of raping younger women, I would stop them from doing it and tell the Solider to find an older woman.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was messed up, but that was an interesting contrast there with you doing something terrible but then doing something good.

    Sometimes dreams like this do make me wonder if they are possibly ancestral memories or something.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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