Energy Exercise Experiment


 I had the opportunity to make a voice recording of the basic movement of energy (BME) process which I will use to run me through the energy exercise. The recording is an instruction in my voice to help me keep some sense of lucidity. Now that I am upstate with my National Guard unit I did not do the energy exercise right away; I waited until things settled down after lights out. It was around 2:00am, when things had settled down, however during the time before it got quite I did have had a regular dream. I do not remember the full details of that dream. The dream itself was erotic. The little that I do remember was that I was with an unidentified female and we were roaming through a building and then we ended up having sex. The body reacted to the sensations and I felt an orgasm which woke me up at that point. Perhaps I was a victim of a succubus who was exploiting a desire. It has been a couple of days since I last engaged in sexual activities because of my presence upstate with my unit and perhaps my girlfriend was probably on my mind. Something a succubus would exploit for their own purposes.

The actual time when I started the BME was at 3:00 am. I used the voice recording to see how well it will work. The voice recording has the basic induction; the command to the subconscious to relax the body and all three of the exercises; the energy movement, the energy extortion, and absorption.  After I performed the exercise I went to sleep and had the following experience:

 I saw an unidentified solider; he was sitting on my bed at my feet and he was fully dressed in his battle dress uniform (BDU). Then I that the empty bunk that is next to my bunk was occupied with someone that I could not identify. The person in the bunk that was next to my bunk asked the solider sitting on my bed if he was all right. Then I heard some mention that the person sitting on my bed was my bunk buddy (a term used to describe two soldiers sharing a bunk). There was also some talk of the solider being out of uniform; he had on the BDU cap instead of the black beret.

The next thing that happened was that I was standing in the middle of the floor; then I heard someone who resembled one of the soldiers in the unit complaining about feeling some type of electrical current sensation on his arm and that he was told to report it. I explained that the sensation that he was feeling. I said the human brain sends out an electrical pulse that signal the limb to move; and I told him not to worry about it, because it is a natural process. Then I heard the voice recording, however instead of the words being in my voice it was in the voice of   Jacob’s Bimblich a senior member of the Hypnosis Guild. The voice command was telling me to go deeper and deeper in the relaxation state. Then I found myself back in the bunk; the solider that was sitting at my feet was still there. I also noticed that other soldiers had come into the barracks. I saw the web gear (slang for individual fighting equipment) hanging from some of the bunks that was supposed to be empty in the room.  Then I saw that everyone had a towel and the towel was the same color and style of the one that that I own and was using last week. I said to myself. “I hope they do not mix up their towels with my other towel.  I saw where I hung the towel that I was using this week, and it was just where I left it. Then I found myself in another room. There were civilian instructors. One was an Indian man with a beard, he was sitting at a desk, it looked as though he was telling the other instructors which room to go into. I went into one of the designated rooms. In the room there were two rows of people, and then the person in charge told everyone to pick a partner. I did not see the person in charge; I only heard his voice,  Usually in the military we pick the nearest person next to ourselves. However, people in the room started to look for a particle partner. A short woman approached me and took me by my arm and said that she is my partner. It seemed like the woman were looking for a partner because they were leading the men and I was the person she was looking for. We took our place in the line, after that the women took a secondary role as to concede power to the men……

I do not know if anything else took place because I was back in the real world.

 I seem to notice that if I expect to be projected it does not happen in the manner I think it will happen. I have to learn to just let the experience happen. I still have not experimented with a specific purpose; this was a let’s see what happens experience.

As for the solider who was sitting on my bunk, I do not know what his role was, expect for I have noticed that each time I make contact with the extra physical world there is somebody accompanying me. The companions are unidentified.

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