The Mist


While I was lying down and relaxing I started to see a remote vision of a roof. The roof was roundish with tile ridges. The picture of this roof lasted for a few minute then it faded away before I could at least identify the house. Then I found myself in the room that I usually use to do the energy exercises and self-hypnosis/meditation.

I was seating in the reclining chair when I saw two people (entities). I asked them what are they doing here. They said that they came to show me something. They said that they wanted to show me that there was a heaven and hell. With that said I followed them to wherever they want to take me.

First we went upwards; after a while there was a mist that made everything looked cloudy. The higher we got the mist persisted and would not clear up. Then I caught a glimpse through the mist that was clear; the clear view was brief, but sufficient enough that I recognized from the brief clear view that we were still that on the earth; and the height that we were I recognized that I have experienced been at that height before in the past projections and lucid dreams of being airborne. Also, I recognized that there should not be any mist at that height and that the mist was created by the entities. Then I got a feeling that the entities were being deceptive and that their claim was not legitimate, so I decided to get away from them.

Recognizing that I could also fly, I left from out of the mist and as I left the mist and was fleeing away from the entities; I saw that the mist started to turn my way as if it was  looking for me so I made some maneuvers so they would not catch up to me. After a while I had found that I ended up at a poolside. There were two people at the side of the pool; they were males and they were injured. One of them had a leg injury and the other one had an arm injury.  Then another person came by the poolside; this one was a female and she had a head injury. I think that I touched her and when I did I saw that she was partial decapitated. Since I was the only one that did not have an injury around the pool I decide to leave. I had jump into the pool and used the water to propel myself into the air and left the scene…

After reflecting on this experience I felt that I might have been directed to go to the poolside to aid the injured extra physical being. But I guess that at the point in time that I did not have that thought in mind. The only thing that was probably on my mind was the resentment of the deception motives of the extra physical beings. Don’t know why they would reference something like heaven and hell when they knew I wouldn’t have fallen for the deception. I felt that being at the poolside would not be good for me so I exited away from that environment.

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