The Plot


On a desolate road in the middle of the night two hikers Barry & Michelle came across what once was a magnificent home now it is left there abandoned & neglected. Since the fog is making it hard to travel on the desolate road at night the hikers decided to seek shelter in this abandoned home for the night. When they went in, they found it strange that there was still some pictures on the wall and covered up antique furniture full of dust. They thought nothing about it; maybe the owners what to preserve things; one of them had a lighter and they took some of the paper scattered of the floor and lit a fire in the old fire place in the living room and they made themselves at home. After eating the sandwiches they had in their knapsacks and with no way to recharge their cell phone batteries they decided to explore the old house to kill some time before retiring for the night. Using one of those small LED micro lights which provided enough light for them to see they went through this abandoned house. As they went from room to room, Michelle couldn’t help but think that they are being watched, after getting goose bumps and the hair on her arms stood up; she said Barry let’s go back downstairs, I don’t like this, I think we are being watched.” Barry responded, “You are being silly, who’s watching us? There’s nobody else here. Come on; let’s see what is in that room.

When they entered the room, they found it was colder than the rest of the house. It was some sort of drawing room or bedroom and there was a big portage on the wall. Michelle was startled, did you hear that?  Barry said relax, it must be a rat but suddenly a gust of wind blew through the room and the door slammed shut. Michelle and Barry jumped, and turned their heads towards the door. When they turned their head back they saw some sort of a ball of light and the ball of light slowly changed form until an apparition of a man in 18th century clothing appeared in front of them. Michelle started to shake, she could feel her heart beat on her chest hard, and she became paralyzed; while Barry was in awe. Then the apparition spoke demanding an answer who are you? When the apparition spoke, Michelle dropped to her knees, and then the rest of her body hit the floor. Barry leaned down and shook her, but he saw that her mouth and eyes were wide open and fixed in place. That’s when he knew that Michelle was frightened to death.

The apparition said there is nothing you can do for her now; but since you’ve disturbed me there is something that you can do for me. The apparition started to tell his story. As you can see I am trapped in this house because I made a pact with the devil. It all happened because I did not listen to my heart. I was in love and soon to be married. But unknown to me my best friend John was in love with Sarah my fiancé; everyone I knew was telling me that John was jealous of me, and wanted my Sarah for himself; but me and my best friend has being through a lot together even before I met Sarah so I didn’t believe a word everyone was saying. One day I was out of town on business when a letter was delivered to me telling me that John & Sarah were carrying on behind my back; and that I could catch their infidelity if I return back to this house two days before I’m supposed to be back.

I followed the letter’s instructions and returned to this house two days ahead of scheduled. I sunk through the back and saw my best friend sipping wine in the living room, I noticed that the maid and cook was not around and when I went upstairs I saw that Sarah was naked in this room about to take a bath. All I saw was rage and I demanded an explanation from her. Sarah did not know what I was talking about and she swore that she did not know my best friend was even in the house; she swore that the servants were still downstairs and she swore that she was not carrying on behind my back and she was true to me. My heart told me what she was saying was sincere, but it did not explain why she was in the house alone with my best friend. I was so angry with rage I did not believe her and John did not say anything. I called Sarah a liar, slapped her across the face, and then I took out my musket and shot her in the heart.

Just before being hanged for my crime, my best friend visited me and confessed that a couple of months before the crime Sarah rejected his advances and ever since that time he plotted to ruin both me and her. He admitted that he was the one who sent me the letter saying Sarah was cheating on me; he arrived at the house before I arrived and told the servants that they could have the rest of the night off and waited in the living room drinking my wine until I arrived. He knew me so well that he knew that once I saw Sarah alone in the house with him that I will jump to conclusion and be in a jealous rage and that I will be irrational and will not listen to anyone or think about the actions I take. After the courts sentenced me to death, he tricked me into signing my estate over to him; and when he finished his confession he told me that I am pathetic  fool to throw away my life for the love a woman; now he has stolen the riches from my estate and he told me he hoped I rot in hell.

After that he left my cell laughing; this was when I cursed him and vowed never to rest until I extract revenge. After facing the hangman I appeared before Lucifer himself and he told me that he granted my request; but there was one thing, apparently John had a heart attack and died the same moment when I was being marched to the gallows, so there was no possible way revenge could done because Lucifer already claimed John’s soul because of the plot and the eternal sin of sabotaging true love. Since I cannot extract revenge I am doomed to roam this house and its grounds for eternity. But since I was manipulated into doing my crime, Lucifer gave me a way out.  He said that if I can somehow serve justice to John’s last living blood linage my soul would be free and I will be able to rest in peace.

This is where you come in; John’s last living blood relative lives in the town of District not too far from here. His name is Donald; I want you to bring him here so that justice could be served. This is my last chance; if Donald passes away by natural causes I will never find eternal peace and will forever be a restless soul.  This is an offer you can’t refuse, since you’ve disturbed me divine law has allowed me to attach myself to you so if you don’t abide by my request I will torment you for the rest of your days and you’ll never have your eternal peace.

After the apparition finished speaking Barry heard someone calling his name, it sounded faint but each time his name was called it got louder and louder he also felt someone shaking him. Then the morning light hit his eyes and he found Michelle was shaking him and saying Barry, Barry come on wake up!  Michelle said, man you must have been real tired, you was in a deep sleep;  I’ve been up since 7, now it’s almost 8:30; I didn’t want to wake you, but we’ve got to get going. People may start to worry about us since we couldn’t tell anyone where we are after our phone batteries died on us. A groggy Barry, said yeah, I had some dream last night, I’ll tell you about it while we hike our way out of here; I think the township of District is not too far from here. As Barry and Michelle were leaving the abandon home’s grounds on their way to District; Barry heard the apparition’s voice in his head whisper “you know what you have to do, I’ll be waiting….

© All Rights Reserved

For Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday Photo Prompt

The idea is to use one of Sue’s original photographs as the prompt for crafting a poem, short story, or some other creative work.



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