Biggie The Giant

giant 1

They hear Biggie the Giant footsteps coming into the valley. They don’t know what Biggie will do; upset that Cousin Cyclops was killed while he slept after a human slipped a mickey in his wine. Entering the Douro Valley Biggie can smell the scent of fresh wine coming from the Douro vineyards; Biggie can’t resist tasting some of that fresh wine. Drinking too much wine was the down fall of Cyclops even his Uncle Goliath was killed by a puny human because he was drunk.  But the lesson wasn’t heeded; drinking too much wine will get you killed in the war against humans. A patient human military know Biggie can’t resist wine. Predictable Biggie drinks the tainted wine; Biggie falls; the military takes his head.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved

For what Pegman Saw flash fiction challenge



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