Sultry Affair


In the great City of New York or it could be any other large urban area; when a man walks down the street in an area where it is known that a lot of women hang around anything can happen. No need to speculate what can happen, however Jack just happened to be visiting a friend on this particular street.

It happened when Jack parked the car and was walking along the street; there was a group of women walking towards Jack on the side walk; as Jack and the group of women’s paths met passing each other like ships in the night; one of the women Carmen took a liking to Jack. She cat called to Jack and asked if he wanted to hang out with her. Jack wanting to be nice said, yeah I’d like to hang out but not right now I have to be somewhere and I’m a little late. Jack never really wanted anything to do with Carmen, but she persisted and put both her arms on Jacks triceps. This is when Jack felt something that he can’t explain. It was like he felt Carmen’s warmth; they type of warmth that one feels when you embrace someone that you’ve been intimate with for a while. The funny thing is that when he felt that warmth, he felt that he could pull Carmen towards him and kiss her. Yet he didn’t know Carmen so he had to keep his composure and not do something that he would regret later.

Carmen may have felt something because she assured Jack that she will be on the next block waiting for him should he decided to hang out with her. When Carmen walked off; even though Jack felt Carmen’s warmth he neglected to asked Carmen her name or get any other personal information. It never occurred to him to do it since Carmen said that she would be waiting for him on the next block.

Jack went on and met up with his friend Paul. It so happens that Paul was chatting up some broad by the name of Pam to convince her to give him a quickie before he returned home to his wife. Paul told Jack to stick around. That Pam was willing to go with him but she won’t go without her friend. While she went to get her friend, Paul asked Jack to be his wingman and keep her friend busy so that Pam would put out.

When she came back with her friend to Jack’s surprise it was Carmen. OK, it’s a done deal Paul takes Pam and go their way and now Jack and Carmen started to get a bit actuated. Jack took her to a spot brought her something to eat and they had a couple of drinks. Carmen told Jack some of the situation that brought her to where she is in life.
Whatever was going through Jack’s head, he decided that he did not trust Carmen enough to take her to his place. He was thinking of a place where the two of them can go. Nothing too expensive, don’t want to spend the week’s spending money in one night. Going back to the area where he first saw Carmen, Jack saw the perfect place. Jack turned into the park and he drove towards the Park’s house parking lot somewhere in the middle of the park. There were only three cars in the darken lot, maybe the car occupants had the same idea.

So now Carmen and Jack alone in the car in a darken parking lot in the middle of the park engaged in a passionate love making. The car windows became filled with steam, the kind that was similar to ones glasses steaming up when walking into a hot room from the cold air. When all was done, Carmen professed her love to Jack who couldn’t believe how she should feel that she is in love after having sex with him only once. In as much as Jack felt the warmth of Carmen the first time they met. Prior to Jack taking Carmen into the park he decided he wanted nothing to do with her because of her situation in life. Jack just wanted to fulfil his sexual gratification since Carmen did physically turn him on. As far as Carmen was concerned, she considered that Jack is her new boyfriend.

Jack soon met Paul and Pam outside the building residence for the homeless where Carmen & Pam has been staying for the past nine months. When Carmen kissed Jack good bye and Paul jumped in the car’s passenger seat. Paul and Jack looked at each other and Paul nodded signaling that his jump off was successful. Jack drove off leaving the sultry affair behind never intending to go back

© 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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