Botany Course


It was around 9:30 pm when I decided to do the vibrational state exercise; the lights in then barricks eight man room were still on. Since the lights were on I used a blanket covering my face. After I installed the vibrational state I felt a group of extra physical beings grab my hands; when that happened I started to exteriorized energy as a self-defensive measure. After the exteriorization of energy I did not feel those extra physical beings grabbing my hands anymore; however I found myself in some sort of an environment which seemed like I was in a sewage ditch. It had the body parts of human beings washing down through it. The body parts were being washed down in a stream of water into a drainage system. Afterwards I found that the environment changed; now I was in an environment of water. At first I was holding my breath when I could not hold it anymore and let it out I found that I was able to breath in the water. Then I saw some type of plant. A thought came across that the plant may be in need of assistance. So I exteriorized some energy, and found that the exteriorization was just as effective in the watery environment the same as it is on dry land. When I finished donating energy to the plant I saw a sign that said I had passed the botany course.

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