Black Castle

black castle

It was 2:30 pm leaving the tactical operations center (TOC) and going back to the tent after being told that the squad will not be going out on any mission; I had lain down and while I was laying down I performed the vibration state exercises. However, I did not feel that I attained the vibrational state. I guess relaxing to a meditative state is one of the challenges of being in an environment like of constant warfare coupled with the energy of hostility and fear. I intended to use the energy CD “Rhythm of the Soul,” to assist me to relaxing more however I did not do so because the body eventually yielded to my will and was beginning to relax itself.

At some point I had to have attained the vibrational state even though I did not feel it. I came to this conclusion because I found that I was being projected after the body reached a degree of relaxation. While being projected I found that I was taking a journey traveling with a companion. Perhaps a guide; the companion positioned himself out of my visual range I could only hear his voice and feel his presence next to me.

As for the journey itself I had the feeling that was going North West the direction where North America is located. The exact destination where we were going was unknown to me. I just heard the companion’s voice say that we are going through Canada. I hoped we weren’t going to go to the Arctic Circle.

While we were flying through the air, I could see the sights of the forests and country landscapes after crossing a body of water. I saw some buildings, which resembled castles; each time we passed a building; we tended to go higher in the air. When we came to this particular castle, which was huge and black, we started to go higher; we went so high that the land started to look like we were looking at it from space. I did not feel comfortable at that height, and I started to put myself at a lower altitude; while at that lower altitude, I found that this huge black castle was an obstacle and that I had to travel through it. While traveling through the castle I saw that some beings observed me passing through.  It looks like they thought that I might be intruding on them and they started to send up defenders.

As the defenders started to come up towards me I eluded them for a short period. I saw that they were coming at me in a hostile manner. With the help of the companion, I had made a tactical move, and went behind them. One by one I started to destroy or hit them with some type of energy pulse and they all fell or crashed like they were jets being shot down….

Then I was suddenly back in the physical body because my state was broken when B & W two members of the squad came into the tent making noise.

After reflecting on this experience, it looks like I could have avoided contact with the hostile being if I followed the protocol of staying at the higher altitude. Maybe this was some type of message.  

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  1. Thank you so much for following me. I have also followed you for your information I have changed the name of my sight as my identity and message become increasingly clear, and I expect to keep evolving. But for the foreseeable future the sites name is: I’d love to know your thoughts!

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