The Church

   There was a political rally in town; it was something to do with those who support the slogan of “Make America Great Again (MAGA).”  At the same time there was an anti-MAGA counter rally. The two opposing group’s leaders made their speeches and the supporters decided to march in the street. There was no particular destination; both groups decided that they wanted to march across the bridge to the downtown area. Maybe they were going to disburse when they reached downtown, but what wasn’t anticipated was that the two groups were going to take the same route at the same time. It didn’t surprise the informed people that are familiar with the rhetoric of the both opposing groups having a rally on the same day, and time and relative in the same area that they would end up clashing with one another. It’s a wonder the genius in the Police Department who granted the rally permits did not have the insight to see it coming.

When the group met up in the street and clashed it was pure chaos people were chasing one another and groups of people were engaging in physical confrontation. It took a while before the Police in riot gear finally established some sort of order. Now that the situation was under control and the groups went to their respective destination and disbursed.

All that remain on the streets were scattered small independent groups of people, walking around shouting their slogans and cussing out people who told them to shut up. Unfortunately for Frankie, he was on his way home when he ran into one of those independent groups. Frankie did not want anything to do with the group and attempted to cross the street, but someone from that group confronted him and asked if he agreed with their political agenda. The group did not like the answer that Frankie gave, so they became belligerent, threw things at him escalating to the point where they wanted to beat him up. Before that can happen Frankie decided to run away from them; and when he started to run, the rowdy group started to chase him.

Frankie ran fast and hard, but the group was still pursuing and not letting up. Frankie looking for a place where he could hide and wait it out; he spotted a church. He wondered if the doors were open, perhaps whoever is in the building will help him out by locking the doors. As he reached the church and pulled the doors he felt relieved that the doors opened up. When he went inside, and saw that the church had low lighting, it was very dim; yet it still had the smell of incense, he called out to see if anyone will respond. All he heard was the echo of his voice. Since no one responded and the group was still in hot pursuit, he barricaded the door.

The group started to bang on the door and they were pushing it in. Frankie knew it was a matter of time before the barricade would give way. He had to find somewhere to hide. He ran towards the Alter and just before he reached the Alter, he spotted a door. The door was unlocked and he went inside. It was the room where the Priest and Alter boys used to dress in their robes before mass. Then the back door of the room swung open and a Priest with two Nuns walking behind him appeared in the doorway. A nervous Frankie didn’t notice that the Nuns were dark Nuns; their veils where their faces were supposed to be looked like a black void. Frankie thought he couldn’t see their faces under their veils because of the low lighting.

Frankie told the Priest why he came into the Church, so the Priest told Frankie to wait in the room while he went out to the Church’s main area to see if the rowdy group chasing Frankie managed to get through the barricaded doors. The dark nuns went back out through the room’s back door; once the dark nuns and Priest were out of Frankie’s presence. This is when he heard the whispers; the whispering voices were warning Frankie to get out, but since he was already in a state of fright he thought it might be the echo of the dark nuns talking to each other, or perhaps the voices of the Priest talking to the rowdy group.

Meanwhile in the main area when the rowdy group busted in the Church the alcohol that fueled the degenerates behavior also made them hyper vigilant, and when and saw the Priest, they saw him in his true appearance, a dark shadowy figure; they got scared and made an about turn and bolted out of the church. Now that the distraction was gone, the Priest went back into the room, looking in the same manner how he appeared to Frankie. The Priest told Frankie that the group said that they will respect the church and won’t look to get you in here, but they are out front waiting on you to come out. But don’t worry about that, I’ll take you to the Rectory where you can relax; I don’t think those thugs have the patience to wait out front much longer. As the Priest was walking out the rear door with Frankie the whispers started up again saying nooooo…nooooo….

Maybe Frankie didn’t hear the whispers, or he maybe he felt gratitude that the Priest was helping him out. In any event Frankie felt safe enough to give the Priest a measure of trust. Once in the Rectory the dark Nuns brought some drinks over. The Priest told Frankie to relax and gave him a drink while he talked about the price of those coming to seek refuge in the church. It was the last thing Frankie remembers; he woke up in some type of underground chamber underneath the church. The whispering voices sounded, asking why didn’t he listen, why did he go with the Priest. That the Priest is really a demon, a representative of the dark church and that unspeakable crimes had taken place in the Church. Now he had joined the list of victims; he is doomed, a prisoner in the craven below the church, where the church can suck out the energy from his soul until his demise.

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    • two things never to discuss with a street crowd is religion & politics…..
      It’s a wise choice to stay away from politics on your blog. People tend to become emotional and start to flame on you. But it could be a theme for a tale…


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