Justice Center

Not too long ago the state has created an agency that has the mission of supporting and protecting the health, safety and dignity of all people with special needs and disabilities. The agency is supposed to encourage prevention of mistreatment and investigate all allegations of abuse and neglect and to take whatever actions is necessary to fulfill their mission. The agency is called The Justice Center.  The agency covers a wide variety of areas overseeing the custodians of local, state and privately run institutions such as group’s homes, juvenile facilities, Psych Wards. The agency has been granted the tools to carry out their mission. The tools are investigation and prosecution authority. After conduction an investigation stemming from allegations of abuse/neglect and concluding that the allegations are founded; a custodian’s staff member could face charges ranging from administrative sanction to arrest and prosecution.

  From the sound of things, the intention of creating an entity like the Justice Center sounds like a step in the right direction. After all there is the premise that among the legitimate workers in the field, there are predators that mascaraed as workers with the sole purpose of preying on the venerable. Plus the state has a horrific experience of mistreating of the institutionalized disabled and people with special needs. But like anything else that the state creates, the intention is one thing, how the state practice the intention is another thing.  

In the case of the mentally ill, whether they are in the Psych Ward or in a support house many are violent. The violence comes in the form of psychology; intimidation, threats, stare downs; or physical; pushing and assault.  Now it should be recognized that just because someone is mentally ill, it doesn’t mean that they are stupid, or lack the ability to be calculated. In fact the mentally ill can be one of the most manipulative people that you will ever meet. They will use violence if it is an end to a means.

Some of them get to learn that they will not have to answer for the violence that is perpetrated on other; once they go in front of a judge it will be ruled that they are unfit to stand trial. All thanks to naïve advocates that believe the mentally ill should not be responsible for their actions. When they learn that the Justice Center exists it tilts the scales and allegations based on the word of someone who is mentally incompetent, delusional or are the one who initiated physical violence will be taken over someone who is sound and prudent. Some even resort to making baseless allegations just to get back at a particular staff member. Even if the Justice Center determines that the allegations are unfounded, they tell the custodians that they have the right to sanction the staff member in question.  

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