Somewhere in the big city is a support house it is single room occupancy (SRO) where residents have the luxury of having their own rooms. For the majority of the residents they came into the program after being homeless and living in various homeless shelters located around the city. In addition to being homeless, they were diagnosed with a mentally ill condition, or have a substance abuse problem. Some came to the support house directly from the psych ward.

In the most part this particular support has a good set up for its residence. They have a day room with four computers and a printer, wireless internet connection. The wireless internet connection can also be accessed in each individual room. There is a laundry room with washers and dryers. In addition there is an exercise room equipped with running machines, bicycles, and a weight lifting machine, T.V with cable service is mounted on the wall of the exercise room.

As far as their medication regiment is concerned it is kept in the medication room and during the day the residence must come to the med room where their dosage is dispensed to them and staff will witness that they have taken their meds. If a resident does not come down for their meds then staff will go up to the non-compliant residence to prompt them to take their meds.

By all accounts living in such an environment where there is staff available 24 hours to assist the residents if they should need assistance is ideal for people who cannot be truly independent. But dealing with the type of population that come to the support house one should be ready to expect the unexpected.

Cary came to the support house from a homeless shelter. Cary has been homeless since he was released from state prison system. He did twelve years for assault and for procession of drugs with intent to distribute. Cary is prone to being depressed; he has attempted suicide at least three times during the last couple of years. He attempted to jump off a building but was stopped before he could do it. The second time he swallowed some sleeping pills and the last time he attempted suicide was an attempt to hang himself when he was in prison. In addition to his bouts of depression he is also a substance abuser. His mental health condition was being treated while he was an inmate, but once released it became untreated and along with his substance abuse ended up homeless.

Cary was deemed a good candidate to become a resident at the support house; because he needs some time to integrate back into society, get his mental health condition and substance abuse under control before he could be independent. However, before he was interviewed to be a resident at the support house, he had to complete a substance abuse which program and seek on going out patient support for his substance abuse and enroll in counseling to help with his mental health condition.

By all accounts since being a resident at the support house he has been adhering to his medication regiment but once in a while he regresses and takes some sort of un-prescribed drugs. It’s been a year and a half  since he became a resident at the support house. Things were looking up, but now he is in between jobs so he makes up his finances by selling drugs.

On this particular day Cary came back to the residence under the influence of some sort of substance, and when he sighted one of the support house staff, he started to shout at the top of his lungs saying you’re all motherfuckers…one of you keyed into my room and took my money. When I find out who did it I’m going to kill them. Since there was a lot of yelling going on, the caseworkers came out of their offices and went to the lobby to see what was going on.

Libby who is Cary’s caseworker attempted to intercede to deescalate the situation. Cary reacted aggressively and said get out my face you no good bitch. I’m going to get you for calling the cops on me last week. Then Jim the other case worker interceded and he said suck my dick you white motherfucking faggot (Jim is gay) and got in Jim’s face. This prompted Mamadou the med room manager to intercede before Cary decides to hit Jim. Mamadou’s de-escalation attempts also failed and Cary responded by calling him an African motherfucker telling him to get back on the boat to Africa. Cary walked out the building still cussing and carrying on.

Shortly Cary returned to the support house building and he had a female companion with him. When the front desk Security Guard asked Cary’s female companion for her ID, she stated that she did not have any ID on her. The Security Guard turned to Cary and said, you know the policy that all guests must hand in some type of ID before they can go upstairs. Since your friend does not have an ID she cannot go upstairs.

Cary was furious and went to see his caseworker Libby with the hopes of being able to bypass the policy. Cary barged into Libby’s office and instead of asking if his guest can come upstairs without having to have an ID he got into an argument with her. Cary said, don’t think I forgot that you called the Cops on me last week; I’m still going to get you for that, you no good bitch. When he was leaving Libby’s office, he sighted Jim and said come here faggot, I want my dick sucked, and preceded to get into Jim’s face. Before anything could go further four Cops entered the building. The Security Guard called the Police when Cary barged into Libby’s office.

When Cary saw the Cops he ran up to his room and the Cops were pursuing but Cary got to his room and slammed the door on the Cops and barricade himself in his room. The Cop’s banged on the door and ordered him to open the door. Cary responded by shouting what do these white men want? Leave me alone! I’m going to kill myself! I want to die! get those white men away from my door! He repeated the threats to commit suicide several times.

Once the Cops heard Cary verbalize that he wanted to kill himself, they decided to call their Supervising Sergeant. The Sergeant showed up with four more Cops, and knocked on the door in an attempt to negotiate to get Cary to open the door. Instead all Cary was doing was throwing stuff around his room and calling the Cops motherfuckers to get the fuck away from his door.

The Sergeant stationed two of his men outside to monitor the Cary’s room window just in case he decided to make an escape by jumping out the window. Then the Sergeant called for assistance from the Emergency Service Unit (ESU); a specialized unit that carried the tools needed to breech a barricaded door.

When ESU arrived they condoned off the entire block and went upstairs with a riot shield, a battering ram and one of those breaching guns. After some consideration the Sergeant opted not to break the door down, but to punch a hole in the wall next to the door so that they can put their hand through it and open the door. But, the Caseworkers recognized that once the hole was made, that the Police have in their mind that there is a potential that Cary may have some sort of weapon so that will deploy a stun grenade to disorient Cary before attempting to push their hand in the hole to open the door.

When the Police was halfway through the wall, Libby told Terry the other medication Manager to go on the air phone and if he answers tell Cary to open the door. Terry called and when Cary answered, he told Terry to tell those white motherfuckering pigs to go away. Terry said, stop the bull shit, you know the motherfuckers aren’t going anywhere, and when they make that hole and force their way into your room, you’re going to be fucked up before they take you in. So open the fucking door. Cary hung up the air phone.

After a few seconds after hanging up the air phone and before the Cops finished making the hole in the wall, Cary shouted alright! alright! and he opened the door. The Cops but him in handcuffs and took him downstairs and handed him off to the Paramedics who put him in the ambulance and took him directly to the Psych Ward. The feeling among the Support House staff and Cary’s fellow residents is that they won’t be seen Cary for a while.

Two hours later after all the commotion was over, to the surprise of everyone, Cary walked back into the Support House. After all the ruckus he caused the Police declined to place him under arrest; and the Psych Ward found no course to keep him, so they turned him loose. Cary feeling like a Teflon Don walked into the lobby and shouted at the top of his lungs making sure everyone could hear…SUUCKKKKK MMMYYYY DICKKKK…! and trotted to his room and slammed the door. .     

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  1. It’s good that they supervise their meds anyway – in this country, if a mentally ill patient decides to stop taking their meds, they don’t force them to have them, they just let them not take them. And then they deteriorate…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, programs such as this are required to supervise medication. But if the person refuse to take the meds they cannot be forced to take them. Even in the Psych Ward if someone refuse to take meds, the Psych Ward would go to court and get a court order called treatment over objection. So when you hear that a patient is held down and given meds against their will more then likely the Psych ward have a court order.


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