Some people have the experience of being the victim of bullies There have been cases where a person would be bullied during elementary school, Junior High School and High School. If they go to College, they end up being bullied and when they enter the work force; they end up being bullied there too. The big question is how is it that some people end up being the target of bullies? In Grundy’s case as it is with those who fall into the same category; it is because he is mentally ill.

 Grundy is a big fellow, looks like he is in good shape and have the physical features of someone you would see working as a bouncer; or a football player. Grundy is from Alabama and during grade school he was the victim of bullies.

 Being a big strong boy, Grundy didn’t take being bullied lightly. He struck back at his bullies. One would think that once the bullies saw that they have to reckon with a force they would have backed off; but they kept up the pressure against Grundy. Each time he was picked on it ended in a fight. The fighting got so frequent by the time he was in Junior High School; he was reprimanded and sent to see a Counselor who diagnosed Grundy has having Asperger’s Disorder.

It is a wonder why Grundy’s family didn’t pick up that Grundy was afflicted with some type of development disorder given that he always have a silly grin on his face that just piss people off. Perhaps it was a big factor why Grundy is a frequent target for bullies.

In any event, when Grundy was a teenager, his family took him on a road trip to New York City and abandoned him on the mean streets. Lucky for Grundy that he was discovered by the City’s Department of Homeless Services outreach workers, who made arrangements for Grundy to be placed in foster care, and to receive medication to control his aggressiveness. Grundy stayed in the foster care system until he aged out of it. From that time on he has been homeless; and between stays in the Psych Ward and various homeless shelters, he ended up spending six months at Riker’s Island after getting busted for breaking into a car.  

Once Grundy was released from Riker’s he was sent to another Shelter who in turn helped Grundy get into the Support House.

Everyone thought all was well for Grundy, but it turns out that Grundy is the hen that all the other hen’s peck.  Grundy comes down to the Support House Medication room and told Jorge the Medication Manager that he is being harassed by Chaplin another Support House resident. When Jorge asked Grundy to elaborate, Grundy said that Chaplin keeps on coming into his room and harass him.

Jorge told Grundy that there isn’t much that he can do for him since he is the one that opened the door when Chaplin knocks on it. Grundy expressed that Chaplin has been harassing him for a while and he wants to put an end to it.  Grundy was encouraged to call the Police to report that Chaplin was harassing him if he wanted to get Chaplin off his back.  Grundy did what was suggested and reported instances of harassment to the Police. When the Police arrived Grundy was no where to be found; so Jorge thought he may be in his room, so he took the Cops up to Grundy’s room. When Jorge with the Cops in tow knocked on the room door, there was no answer, so he keyed into the room.

When Jorge and the Cops entered the room, Grundy was not there, the only person there was Chaplin sitting on Grundy’s bed. The Police asked if that was Grundy. Jorge said no, this is Chaplin the person that Grundy is complaining about. The Police asked Chaplin, what are you doing in Grundy’s room? Chaplin said nothing, and he invited me to be here. The Police said, you need to go back to your own room since Grundy isn’t here. With that Chaplin complied and left without causing a scene. Later on that night, Jorge saw Grundy and shouted, where were you? You called the Police and when they came you was nowhere to be found. Grundy didn’t say anything, he just went upstairs; Jorge responded in a low voice; “fucking retard.”

When Jorge reported for his shift the next day; management asked if Grundy reported that he was being sexual harassed. Jorge told the bosses that Grundy only said that Chaplin was harassing him, and made no mention that he was being sexual harassed. He wasn’t even around to tell the Police about it. The Boss said, yeah Grundy was telling the Caseworker that Chaplin was shaking him down for sex.   

 Chaplin is an admitted homosexual. His introduction to homosexuality happened around his pre-teen years. He lived in a housing project where he was routinely bullied, sexual abused and raped by two teenagers. He has identified himself as a homosexual as a result of that trauma.

 Perhaps the two teen age boys who sexual abused and raped him were also victims of the same sort of abuse that they inflicted on Chaplin.  Now Chaplin is also a predator, looking for someone he perceives as being weak, or suspectable to his advances. He likes to get males that have not yet experienced homosexuality so that he can put another notch on his belt of turning out a heterosexual male.

 Yet the question is how is it that a heterosexual will prefer to be a homosexual after being coerced whether physically or psychologically into performing homosexual acts. Even in the case of  predator Lesbians who can spot a venerable heterosexual female and turn her out.

Many rape victims report of having the strongest orgasm they ever had while being raped. Many women reports not being able to have an orgasm engaging in sexual intercourse with men. Men have their strongest orgasm if the prostrate is physically stimulated. For those who do not understand the physiology body responses, it will confuse people who equates feeling sensations that they’ve never felt before and the degree of orgasm with love; or if they experience sensations they’ve never had before and having a strong orgasm during a same sex tryst believe that they are a homosexual. It can be psychologically damaging to the mentally fragile person especially if they were  sexual coerced or raped.

 Grundy was suspectable to Chaplin’s manipulation and he was persuaded to engage in a sexual tryst. Grundy expressed to his caseworker that he didn’t like the way it felt and wants Chaplin to leave him alone. But after further questioning, Grundy revealed that he has been engaging in homosexual activities with Chaplin on more then one occasion. It is just that Grundy doesn’t like it when Chaplin imposes himself on him. But it all sums up to Grundy becoming an active participant in his victimization.

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