There are some people that reside in the Support House that were not products of family abandonment, homelessness or the prison system. It is just that the bizarre behavior that the mentally ill often displays becomes overwhelming. In the case of Ann, she came to the Support house after a stay in the Psych Ward. Not the typical type of character that makes up the Support House clientele. Looking from the outside in it seemed that she lived the life of an average person. She is even a college graduate. But life throws its curve balls, and one of them hit Ann. At some point in her life she was diagnosed as being schizophrenic; for the most part her medication seemed to work. She was able to function, however there were times when she forgets to take her meds or it needs to be adjusted. It is during those times that the bizarre behavior comes out. Her family has been tolerating the stress and changes that come with dealing with a mentally ill loved one, yet there comes a cross road where the family is at their wits end and have to make the hard decision to ask the institutions to help them out. So after Ann’s stay in the Psych Ward, it was decided that it would serve her better if she were to live in supportive housing where she can learn to live a semi-independent life.       

Ann’s life in the Support House seems to agree with her; she is complying with her medication regiment (supervised), she comes and goes when she pleases, she spends time with family and goes to family functions, and sometimes she even lands some type of employment. But the one thing that she is obsessed despite being medication compliant; it’s the website TKSA: The Kingdom of Stuffed Animals.    

At one point Ann was saying going around on the streets and in the subways stopping strangers uttering “TKSA, TKSA, the world is coming to an end.” “Obama… thank all of you for coming to the White House with your innovative scientific projects…”  “ I want everyone to know a secret, not only about Obama, but people in power; they are robots, they’re all the same  and I’m officially an ascendant being on this plant… TKSA…TKSA…” She uttered those words repeatedly to everyone whether they were listening or not.  At times she would approach somebody and say “hello, I’m supposed to tell you something” when the person asked what you have to say, her response is “The kingdom of stuffed animals.” Whatever is contained in that website Ann believes that it is a message to her and that the life we’re living is nothing but a simulation.

The kingdom of stuff animals is Japanese in origin. The home page is written in English and Japanese. The header has the name of the site in English; below the site’s name there are words written in Japanese. The translation of the words is “stuffed kingdom.” Below those Japanese written words is the statement “testing now” which is written in English. Below is another Japanese statement that translates to “here is the home page.” Below that statement is another Japanese statement that translates to “treasure hunt.” Below that is another Japanese written statement that translates to “beyond the horizon.” Below that Japanese written statement is the English alphabet in lower case letters; below that is the English alphabet in upper case letters. Below that is another Japanese written statement that translates to “treasure hunt;” and below that is another written Japanese statement that translates to “may treasure be found far away.”


TKSA : The Kingdom of Stuffed Animals

Testing now.




a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z



When you click on each letter of the uppercase or lower case alphabet the next page will contain a header in English, below that is a subject line and below that are written words that look like a bunch of English written gibberish. Below that is Japanese written statements that translates to “there are treasures over infinity.” Directly below that Japanese written statement is the English alphabet in lower case and below that is the English alphabet in upper case letters. Below the upper case letters of the English alphabet is another row of lower case letters of the English alphabet. However each letter is separated by two periods and a slash. Below that is the same thing but with the upper case letters. Then there is a third line; it says jokes and next to the word jokes there is the lower case letter r and next to a number going from 0-9 and the r next to each letter of the English alphabet lower case letters. Below that is another statement written in Japanese that translates to “that’s too bad,” and below that is another statement written in Japanese that translates to “there are no treasures here; search better.”


   Part reclaims

The crucially sour snots

The smelters sextets cavalrymen incorporates entire ranch johns carding excelled berets penniless uninstallers naively monumental j Kongo proliferating banalities pharynxes straplesses Bern envisaged bellows gory wands.


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
../a ../b ../c ../d ../e ../f ../g ../h ../i ../j ../k ../l ../m ../n ../o ../p ../q ../r ../s ../t ../u ../v ../w ../x ../y ../z
../A ../B ../C ../D ../E ../F ../G ../H ../I ../J ../K ../L ../M ../N ../O ../P ../Q ../R ../S ../T ../U ../V ../W ../X ../Y ../Z
Jokes: r0 r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8 r9 ra rb rc rd re rf rg rh ri rj rk rl rm rn ro rp rq rr rs rt ru rv rw rx ry rz


ここには宝物はないよ。 もっと良く探してね。


Clicking on each letter of the English alphabet whether it’s the upper or lower case letters, you get a similar page as the one above. Each letter has something different.

Now the kicker is when you click on the numbers that has the lower case  “r” next to it or any of the lower case letter with the lower cased “r” next to it; you get a page that looks like gibberish; bit what is supposed to be done is that you would have to decipher any messages if any can be found. 



Apprenticed radiators bakes divine spellbound meetings adjures Manhattans contusions location emeralds. Sweetmeats murderess Janine esthetics transferals ramification retrogresses cinctures machete cartwheels. Thoughtfulness Murine tumult flea essence frameworks Stuart hyperventilation concatenating. Architecture garrote pistils tracing Canberra skepticism psychoanalyzed parachuted chaperons generates suffragan retrievers maniacs feathering. Maybe cumulative hernia relationship fueling librettos Youngstown Tibet Oshkosh. Trident organ mixes saps ambient Cochabamba forgive ingratitude breakwaters cellulars unionization. Watt osteopathy drearier handicapped national complaisantly Alba simulations transcendentally favoritism tautology.
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This is where Ann gets the messages that she says she gets. Whatever meaning she puts behind the messages probably depends on the state of her mind in that point in time.  What is unknown is the true intention of the website, if it is some sort of game, but in Ann’s mind it is some type of revelation of things to come. For sound minded people who are into conspiracy theories, hidden messages, alternate reality and new world order; it could mean something entirely different. But right now it only serves as something tangible that can trigger a response in Ann and coupled with her schizophrenic condition and fragile mental health; it won’t be good for her, it will only send her to an extended stay in the Psych Ward.  

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