Things at the Support House were quiet going into the early evening when all of a sudden there was some type of a tussle at the entrance door; then shouting and cussing followed. One of the evening staff left the office to see what was going on. Two residents Beetle and Cary were fighting. It looked like a one-sided fight because Beetle had Cary in a type of grappling hold restraining Cary; but before Beetle put Cary in the restraining hold he punched him in the mouth which caused his mouth to bleed. There were some words about some money owed.  After Beetle released the grappling hold and freed up Cary, the staff member stepped in between both of them so that the fighting could stop. Cary went off to his room and he was still heated and pretty mad about being on the losing end of the fight.

Shortly afterwards while resident McMillian was getting his medication he asked the medication guy if he heard what happened to Tanya. The Medication guy said no; McMillian said that Tonya got raped by a young guy. He scoffed that the young guy fucked her in the ass. The med guy didn’t believe a word what McMillian said because McMillian is delusional some times and he constructs stories. Tonya didn’t verbalize that she was raped. Inasmuch as she always complains that everyone calls her a prostitute.

Later on Tonya comes into the med room talking all kinds of incongruent stuff and keeps on asking for meds that is not on her medication schedule. She was in the room for 15 minutes rambling on about some pain meds and antibiotics. Neither type is on her schedule or in her med draw. She gets mad and throws a temper tantrum. Took the meds that is on her schedule and left the room cussing and saying the med guy is like everyone else, he doesn’t care about her.

So the med guy thought that sometimes the mentally impaired incongruent ramblings could be realty based, even though that reality is distorted in the minds of the mentally ill.  So he went and asked one of the Caseworkers does she know anything about the antibiotic Tonya keeps on talking about? The Caseworker said that Tonya was in the hospital and that she was probably given pain killers or an antibiotic in the Emergency Room.  Then the med guy told the caseworker what McMillian told him. The med guy was curious and wonders if there is any truth to it.

The Caseworker said that Tonya made an allegation that she was raped by Hayden one of the male residence. However it is believed that whatever took place was consensual. They were seen together being kissy, kissy and that they were walking hand in hand going into Tanya’s unit. Then later on after they went their separate way she made the allegation that he she was raped.

The med guy asked was she examined to see if she was indeed raped.  The Caseworker responded that Tanya was not examined because Hayden made incriminating statements to the Police. He kept mentioning that Tanya was screaming while they were coupling.  Both the caseworker and the med guy wondered why would anyone especially the Police take the word of a mentally impaired person without any type of evidence that back up their allegations.

Both Hayden and Tonya are mentally impaired and they were both making incongruent statements.  However, nobody is giving Hayden the benefit of doubt because of his past history. Hayden has done time in the Penitentiary for murder and violence against women. The murder was committed while he was gang banging as a juvenile. Since the crime was done while he was a juvenile he was not given a life sentence.

It is ironic that juveniles who commit hardcore or heinous crimes are given a free pass once they reached the age of adulthood. The naïve advocates don’t understand that the juveniles they defend and not innocent children, they a fully aware of what they are doing.

Hayden was arrested and charged with raped and he was remanded at Riker’s Island, even though it was later learned that Tanya’s allegations were false. It was verified that there was some type of agreement between Hayden and Tanya that he would give her some money in exchange for sex. After the fornicating was over, Hayden did not deliver on his promise. So Tanya retaliated by crying rape. One needs to understand that mentally ill people could be more calculating then any sound minded person. It doesn’t take much to manipulate the Police; too bad that the Police cannot see that they are manipulated all the time.

The support housing organization is now in cover your ass mode (CYA); and they delivered Hayden to the authorities rather than accepting responsibility and take the blame for anything that goes wrong in the Support House. It will be bad for business if the press were to report that a heinous crime took place on the premises. The organization will sacrifice staff and resident alike to keep their image intact.     

During the night Cary came down to the lobby brandishing two knives and said he is going to kill Beetle; he went to the Support House court yard and threatened to kill the residences that were out there. The cops were called but by the time they came Cary was out of sight and nowhere to be found.         

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  1. Mentally ill people can be very manipulative and cunning!

    And I wish that the people letting off teenage boys for violent sex crimes and suchlike would realise they know exactly what they’re doing. I think you know right from wrong at a very young age – I certainly did!

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