Dreams of Death

One of the residents Reggie came to one of the Support House Counselors and asked if he could have an extra Trazadone because he can’t sleep. The counselor said that he cannot give extra meds, Reggie said that he can’t sleep because he keep on having dreams of death. He explained that he can tell when someone is going to die. Reggie talked about he used to see a friend another resident in another Support in a different location. He told her to be careful and watch the smoking because it could kill her. Reggie said that his friend didn’t care if she lived or died. Then when he went to see her again two weeks later, he said the staff at the Support House where she lived just told him that she wasn’t in. Then other residences of that Support House building asked if he didn’t hear that she died the prior week. He said for some reason the staff did not tell him. No one would give him information on the funeral. 

Reggie is not in the frame of mind to recognize that the staff of any Support House will not tell someone else whether a resident has passed away, or even acknowledge that they live in the building. The state prohibits them from giving information to anyone other than the people who the resident chooses that the staff can give their personal information too. Yet, Reggie feels that the Support House staff where his friend lived has a personal vendetta against him.

Reggie also thinks that he has been chosen for a higher purpose. He feels this way because of the voices that he hears. Reggie has been hearing voices since he was a teenager, and he states that the voices tell him what to do. As a result of following the voices instructions, it usually puts him on the path of personal destruction. This includes committing low level crimes such as destruction of private property, petty theft and simple assault. Each time he gets caught he is deemed unfit to stand trial and shipped to the Psych Ward for a couple of months before being cut lose back to the community.    

Sometimes the voices are quite for a period of time, and then they start up again, then it is back on the path of destruction. With Reggie the height of his destruction came when the voices told him that his mother did not love him and that she has to die. The voices were urging Reggie to kill his mother. Following the voices instruction and out of the blue Reggie socked his mother in the mouth, then took the kitchen knife and attempted to stab her. Lucky for his mother that she was not knocked out when Reggie’s punched knocked her to the ground. She was able to use her arms that prevented Reggie from stabbing her torso. He was stabbing his mother arms, and then one of his brothers pulled him of their mother.

When all was done Reggie was sent up the river to the State Penitentiary, locked up for ten years for attempted murder. After the completion of his sentence, he was shipped to the Psych Ward where he stayed for another four years. Reggie’s mental condition was stabilized and he was released on the condition that he stays away from his mother. Also, his mother was given an indefinite order of protection, and if Reggie comes within 100 feet of her he will be sent back to the Penitentiary.   

Reggie has come to the Support House where his medication schedule is supervised, plus his Parole Officer makes random visits to make sure Reggie is compiling with his curfew.

However, in the Support house Reggie has been influenced by some of the residencies who do nothing but drink, smoke and self-medicate. Now Reggie smokes K2, and takes cocaine on top of his prescribed medication. Now you can add nervous paranoid to his mental health condition.       

Lately, Reggie expresses details of his dreams and that he said he often has dreams about the future; and that whatever he dreams the events happen in real life. He claims that he always sees when death is coming before it comes. Reggie expressed that it scares him and he doesn’t want to go to sleep, but can’t prevent himself from sleeping when he gets tired.

There is not much the counselor can do for Reggie, but she suggested that Reggie should write down what he dreams and when the future events he saw begins to play out maybe he can do something to change the outcome. Otherwise, perhaps the Psychiatrist could prescribe a stronger dosage of medication.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing that, that is a terrible situation that Reggie is in, I can only imagine how difficult that must be having to deal with voices like that; but there is some hope when it comes to the dreams at least since we can learn to gain some control with them, record them, share them, et cetera.

    -John Jr

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