It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and everything in the Support House was quiet and on point, when all of a suddenly the tranquility was shattered.  An argument erupted on one of the floors, and it was an intense one. The Caseworker on duty was startled by the loud voices going back and forth. It sounded as though they were ready to have a show down. The Caseworker called the Medication Manager and Counselor to accompany her upstairs to see what was going on.

 When they reached the upper floors they saw that an intense argument was going on between LeRoy and Doreen. While both of them were hurling insults back and forth to one another, they opened up the closet revealing their dirty laundry.

LeRoy has been a resident in the Support House for the past three years; he has spent time in the Psych ward since he was a teenager. He was diagnosed has been bi-polar and schizophrenic. His condition was unstable for a number of years. But now it is stable enough for him to qualify in being in the Support House program. In addition to his mental illness, he has physical ailments. He is morbid obtuse and has high blood pressure and is a diabetic. He takes a cocktail of drugs that is a combination of Psych meds, vitamins, insulin and other medications for his physical ailments. Despite complying with his prescribed medication LeRoy caves in to peer pressure and smokes the synthetic marijuana K2 as well as drinking alcohol. On top of that he has a cigarette habit.        

After sighting the staff Doreen looked at them and said he is mad cause I didn’t let him eat my pussy. LeRoy responded by saying who wants to eat your pussy, it stinks like fish; Doreen said, fuck you! You fat bitch; the staff told them to stop the argument. But they did not listen and kept carrying on. LeRoy told staff that Doreen was in his unit and she stole his wallet and he wants it back. Then Doreen complained that Leroy knocked on her door at 3:30 am and that he pulled a knife on her.

Doreen has lived in the Support House for two years before LeRoy got there. She also has been diagnosed as being a schizophrenic; she often hears voices and is frequently seeing arguing with those voices. Doreen came into the system when she punched a random stranger in the face claiming that she heard the stranger say something offensive to her. She was arrested and charged with 3rd degree assault; however she was found unfit to stand trial. She was shipped to the Psych Ward where she had a lengthy stay until she was stabilized. From there she ended up in the Support House.

Most of the time Doreen does not comply with her prescribed medication schedule; sometimes she may take one or two of the meds that she prefers to take. She regularly takes unprescribed drugs; the synthetic marijuana K2, ecstasy and crack. Ironically Doreen’s mental health condition has been very stable for the past two years despite not following her prescribed medication. She is much more sound minded then LeRoy.

 The basis of the intense argument is that LeRoy invited Doreen into his unit and the two of them engaged in sexual activity.  Hours after Doreen left, LeRoy discovered that his wallet was missing and he knocked on Doreen’s door to demand that she give it back. Doreen has denied taking the wallet, but LeRoy does not believe her.

 Now the shouts and insults are going back and forth, the staff attempts to deescalate things, but are ignored by the emotionally charged residents. Then they start to spit at each other, LeRoy get into a fighting stance, then said fuck it; he runs into his unit, then he emerged out of his unit with a knife. When Doreen saw that she ran into her unit and seconds later came out brandishing a knife of her own. They both get in a fighting stance; the Caseworker says she is going back to her office to call the Cops.

The Counselor stays on the floor making another attempt to deescalate the situation. The Counselor refuses to touch or stand in-between the combatants. The last time he broke up a fight between residents by stepping in between them; his actions were questioned with a possibility of being referred to the Justice Center to be investigated for the possible violations of obstructing the rights of vulnerable people in his care.

The Counselor understands that the Justice Center is an illegitimate law enforcement agency who tends to persecute the actions of an institution staff over how they deal with their charges when they get violent; and would take the word of a delusional mentally ill person and ignore the violence that some mentally ill person met out even if it is on camera over a sound minded person.

As far as the Counselor is concerned, LeRoy and Doreen could be beating or stabbing the shit out of one another, he will not attempt to physical restrain them; he would leave that up to the Cops who are supposed to be trained in such matters.

 The Counselor shouts ya’ll better drop those knives otherwise we’ll call the Police. In as much as the mentally ill will exhibit illogical bizarre behaviors, they have some type of understanding of their actions and they know that they will be arrested if the Cops see them with the knives in their hand. To the Counselor’s surprise, LeRoy and Doreen paused, and they backed up from each other and put the knives back in their respective units before the Police arrived. 

 Shortly fours Cops responded quickly and they separated Doreen and LeRoy. Then thee more Cops and a supervising Cop arrived. The Cops listened to both sides of the story and asked the Caseworker and Counselor what they saw. After pondering what was heard the Supervising Cop decided not to make any arrests and that LeRoy should be sent back to the Psych Ward for an evaluation because he was too emotionally charged and saying incoherent things.

The Supervising Cop had his taser at the ready behind his back while he told LeRoy to turn around and put his hands behind his back. LeRoy protested a bit but cooperated; EMS came and took LeRoy to the Psych Ward. He was held overnight and released.

The kicker to all this was that when LeRoy returned back to the Support, Doreen revealed to LeRoy that he actually dropped his wallet outside in the court yard, and that the wallet was still in the location where it fell. She helped LeRoy retrieve the wallet; but to anyone who has half a brain, one could conclude that Doreen did have a hand in the wallet’s disappearance and reappearance.

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    • Yes, the Justice Center has destroyed careers; I think more honest hard workers are victims of over zealous prosecution rather then the predators or perpetrators of abuse who tend to be calculated when they do something that they won’t even be on the Justice Center’s radar…


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