Seeking Affection

It has been a couple of weeks since the argument between LeRoy and Doreen. In between those weeks there has been a series of torrid contact between the two. They get together they have a disagreement, they argue, they push each other around then they get back together and start the whole thing again. It even got to the point where Doreen filed a Police report and told the Support House staff that she is seeking an order of protection against LeRoy.

The Support House staff took LeRoy to the office to have a little chat with him concerning his relationship with Doreen. During the talk LeRoy became emotional and started complaining that every time that he has sex with Doreen she refuses to cuddle. She doesn’t like engaging in foreplay of kissing and hugging and does not want to engage in any after play. He feels that she is cold, and does not warm up to his feelings and not giving too much affection.

Staff is cautioning LeRoy that he needs to recognize and accept the kind of relationship that he is having with Doreen. It is not like any relationship where there is a mutual understanding that sex is an extension of the feelings of love. Especially since Doreen would not have sex with LeRoy if he wasn’t paying her. To Doreen it is nothing but a business transaction, she gets the money and she provides the sex. This is how she lived her life before LeRoy was in the picture. In fact one doesn’t have to be the highest bidder to buy sex from Doreen. She will take what is offered, and usually the price is between $10 to $20.

In a twisted way it serves a purpose where most of the residents in the Support House do not have the boyfriend – girlfriend relationships, that often women who live in the Support House take the opportunity and provide a service; thus the men will have an outlet to satisfy their sexual desires for a price that they can afford.  That is if they are not homosexuals. Because the homosexuals also offer the same type of service that the heterosexual women offer.

The kicker to all this is that here is also a prison mentality. That when females transition out of the Support House and move into independent permanent housing a void is left and the men will crave some type of sexual activity.  What is left are predator homosexuals who will exploit the less vulnerable and even if they are not a homosexual they will start to engage in homosexual activities. There is nothing that the Support staff can do about this behavior because the participants are not coerced into it, but enticed.

LeRoy is one of those residents who is a heterosexual, but due to his mental capacity and a lack of an affectionate relationship he briefly engaged in homosexual activities after being approached by one of the homosexual predators living in the Support House.

Now LeRoy is involved with Doreen, and even though she is an un-kept woman, wearing the same type of clothing every day; he is infatuated with her, but does not understand that if he did not pay her for the sexual activity there would not be any relationship.

The latest episode came when LeRoy imposed himself on Doreen and pushed his way into her room. They were having another loud argument and it got the attention of the Security Guard, who in turn alerted staff of the situation.

When the staff member got to Doreen’s room, he told LeRoy to come out of the room, LeRoy complied, but before he walked out the door he knocked Doreen’s cap off her head. She responded by pushing him, then he pushed her back and after that she kind of slapped him and he responded by punching her. She punched him back and then LeRoy let loose with a barrage of punches, while Doreen let off a barrage of her own punches.

The staff member quickly pushed Leroy out the room before he could overpower Doreen; and then LeRoy stormed off to his room. While Doreen said that she is calling the Police and said that she is going to press charges.

The Police responded quickly after receiving the assault call. They went upstairs and spoke with Leroy and then they were outside the building and spoke with Doreen. Then they left without arresting anyone. The staff member asked Doreen, what happened? Why did the Police leave without even taking a report?

 Doreen stated that the Police said that they can’t do anything. She did not elaborate; but it was understood that neither her nor LeRoy pressed charges against each other after the Police made it known that since both of them are known to be mentally ill, in lieu of being arrested both will be sent to the Psych Ward Emergency Room where it would be determined if they need to spend time as an inpatient.

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