Sometimes in an environment where there are people who have mental health issues there are things that happen that just cannot be explained. It is as through an external force is present that does nothing but antagonize the mentally ill person. That external force get them to act out in a way that would put the mentally ill individual on the path to be hospitalized and given medication because it will be considered that they are delusional.

One such episode occurred during the night around 10:30 pm. Gerick was in the Support House library on the computer listening to some music videos, and then he went upstairs and got some dirty clothes to put inside the washing machine in the House’s laundry. Gerick was in the laundry room for a couple of minutes, then all of a sudden, he yelled at the top of lungs..”motherfucker, fuck you, I’m going to fuck you up, where are you.!” at the same time while uttering those words, Gerick kicked the laundry door open, he threw a chair in the lobby; he went into the library banged the table, went to the lobby and shouted ,  “where are you!” He ran to the entrance doors, banged it and pushed it open. If he banged those glass doors any harder, the glass would have shattered.

The Security Guard jumped up and asked Gerick, “What’s going on?” Gerick came close to the Security Guard, and pointed on a small knot under his right eye and said, look at that! Do you see it? Someone punched me in the face!  The Security Guard acknowledged that there is a small knot and swelling on his face, but this is where the Guard scratched his head, because the only ones in the lobby apart from him was Gerick.

 There was nobody in the laundry room when Gerick had his outburst, yet there was a fresh knot and swelling under Gerick’s eye which was physical evidence that Garrick did get hit. The Guard wonder’s if he should call EMS because of Gerick’s outburst. He wonders what the Support House Director will say if he doesn’t make the call.

Then all of a sudden, the elevator door mysteriously opens up and the sound like someone just stepped inside, and the door closes. Gerick and the Guard looked at each other; no words were exchanged for a couple of seconds. Then the Guard tells Gerick that he isn’t calling EMS but he needs to calm down and stop throwing things around. He doesn’t want to have to explain what he just witnessed.    

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    • It is a possibility that he hit himself given that he is a schizophrenic.
      But the elevator opening up by itself, now that is something that is left up to the imagination, there could be a logical explanation.
      The spirit angle is feasible; the energy of the house could attract malevolent spirits, plus several deaths took place on site
      Poltergeist is ruled out; usually in the case of a poltergeist it always involves the presence of an adolescence female


      • That’s interesting about there having to be an adolescent female for a poltergeist – I never knew that. We had something weird in our house when my brother and I were teenagers – it used to follow me around and menace me. I always assumed it was because of the bad atmosphere in the house with my brother’s schizophrenia – maybe it was me after all! By the time I’d been in the Army and come back home again at 22, it had gone…


        • quite an experience; if indeed you were an agent of a poltergeist then I gathered that you were transitioning into puberty and there was some sort of condition that was mentally or emotionally taxing. Such as dealing with your brother’s schizophrenic behavior which is stressful for the whole family.
          I also gathered that time in the Army brought some type of stability and purpose..
          The mind is really an undiscovered territory and as human beings were are not using less than half of the physical brain. It is even suggested that we are hard wired to produce psychic abilities


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