The Face

After a day at the government building where I make the bread in my role as a government bureaucrat and coming back to the crib to relax, was when this particular experience took place.

I was lying in bed and being in a relaxed state I was wondering if I should I turn off the light in the room next to mine because the light from that room was illuminating some light in my room; I prefer to sleep in a darken room rather than a semi darken room.  Plus I didn’t want to pay extra money on my electric bill.  As I was contemplating getting up to turn off the light in the other room I saw the ceiling’s color in my room start to turn blue; and then I saw a face that resembled the main stream picture of Jesus. There was some writing that was written across the face, I read the writing in its entirety, however when I got back into the conscious state, I couldn’t recall what the writing said. Then I must have turned over  because I was on my side, and when I looked at the ceiling again, the color was still blue, and the face was still there, this time the face was upside down, the writing remained the same. I said to myself, if this has any meaning?

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