Failed Experiment

During the evening while I laid my head down the thoughts that I had in mind was what should write for a writing challenge that I was seeking to participate in. It wasn’t too long before the body started to relax; while in the relax mode I felt on my left side at shoulder level a feeling as though someone or something kneed beside me; I also felt the mattress dent on the right side at shoulder length.

 I felt the same thing at the ankle level; the thoughts came to my head was It felt like an animal such as a cat jump from one side to the other, but the dents were there at the same moment. Then I thought it’s like a human in the prone position on top of me the way a man would be over a woman before parting her legs. That thought left me a bit uncomfortable.

Now I hear the body asleep; then I felt that both my arms being raised to be put into some type of instrument. I felt that I was being observed by some type of beings. I said to myself, here we go again, they will never learn. The being’s restraints were not strong, I pulled my arms away and broke the restraints, I grabbed one of the beings and grabbed something that resembled scissors; the type used in surgery and the being that I grabbed had a small ling neck, like the greys. I used the scissors and cut off the being’s head, and then I felt some drops of blood. I busted the restrains on my legs and shortly afterwards the presence of the beings who were observing disappeared.   

© 2020 All Rights Reserved


  1. Hello True George,

    Wow! I do not think that I have ever gotten to defeat or even attack a gray alien before in a dream (I could be wrong though).

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John JR


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