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Many of the support house residents are mentally ill and because of their psychosis sometimes what they say about their past isn’t reliable, and may be a construction of a false reality.   Unless there is some type of paper trail, or document of their past, what is known about them is what the person chooses to reveal.

Sure a simple background check may be able to verify certain things, but the Psych Ward and support house programs who deal with the mentally ill cannot commit any of their limited resources to do a back ground check on every admitted patient. 

Yet, if there were to be some type of back ground verification process in place, perhaps the treatment team would have a greater understanding of the person which would make therapy efforts more effective. Otherwise, unless the mentally ill person decides to reveal their undocumented past their background it is shrouded in mystery.

Like a sound minded person, when it comes to opening up and revealing information of self; the mentally ill person will gradually reveal information of their background as they develop some sort of a trusted relationship interacting with their primary treatment team members.

Frances who came into the support house program a couple of months ago was such a person. She was quiet and reserved.  She kept to herself and never even fully interacted with her fellow support house resident peers.

The only time staff would see her was when she used to come down and take her medication; or when she comes down to the lobby to get her Uber Eats food delivery.  She never had visitors, and with the exception of going to her treatment appointments she did not leave the support house.

Things started going well for Frances in the support house environment; she was medication compliant, and she started to open up a little; even engaging in some light conversation with some of her support house peers.

All of a sudden, there was a hundred and eighty degree turn in her behavior. At first it was subtle. Missing her morning or evening medication regiment here and there until it graduated to not taking any medication at all. After that the interaction with her fellow support house resident peers stopped.  Then she stopped cooperating with her outpatient treatment team.  Unless prompted by Julie, her assigned support house caseworker, she made no effort to keep her appointments.

Frances was giving Julie a hard time plus she wasn’t fourth coming with sharing her feelings so it was difficult to determine the about face in her behavior.  Since Julie is a dedicated Caseworker and she saw that Frances needed some additional attention. Julie arranged for a top tier Psychologist to come to the support house to evaluate Frances.

The Psychologist made her evaluation and decided to take Frances on as a patient. This means that Frances would not have to leave the Support House because the Psychologist would be making the home visit to see her. Julie was glad, because this Psychologist has a reputation of being successful with patients that were deemed a lost cause.

Thanks to Julie things were set up and put in place to help Frances come out of the dark place; the new approach to her treatment was to begin. But one Saturday afternoon before the start of her new treatment program, during the Support House staff daily routine of checking on the residents who don’t show up to take their medication by going directly to their rooms to find out why they didn’t come; Frances was found dead.

The authorities were called, and in the presence of Police personal from the Medical Examiner’s office they looked over the body to verify that no evidence of trauma existed. Photos were taken of the body and room before the body was removed and taken to the morgue where an autopsy would be performed to determine the cause of death.   

In the meantime as the Support House, Justice Center and Police await the results of the autopsy certain aspects of Frances’s  was being revealed now that Frances isn’t around to hide and refute the details.

It was discovered that Frances was not the average mentally ill person. That the onset of mental illness came recently during the last 18 months and that she was a highly functioning and vibrant individual. In fact she was rubbing elbows with some of today’s well known musical artists.

Frances was a backup singer for a few of these popular musical talents and she became a regular backup singer to a British born popular musical artist and her band. Frances toured the world with this popular artist.

Frances also had some musical projects of her own and released her own C.D which is still available on Amazon.

It was also discovered that her relationship with her family was on the rocks. It is not unusual for a mentally ill person to be abandoned by their family; but in Frances’s case, she was the one who decided to cut off contact with her family. She expressly told her treatment team members not to contact her family for any reason. She didn’t say what the rift was between her and her family. She expressed to Julie that she and her family didn’t get along.  But now that she passed away, it was Police duty to notify next of kin.

Now that France’s background is revealed, the Support House compliance management is now in crises damage control mode. Frances knew some high earning individuals with the means to hire high profiled Lawyers if the autopsy results suggests that there was some sort of foul play concerning her death.

The case files, and case notes were immediately pulled and sent to the compliance mangers for review; making sure that every T is crossed and every I is doted.  

The Justice Center opened an investigation of the events leading to her death. The Justice Center is looking to place blame on the Support House and even will go as far as to put support house staff and case workers on a state “do not hire” list; or even initiate formal legal proceedings against individuals who they find was negligent.

Caseworker Julie expressed that the Support House compliance managers keep on calling her asking the same questions but rephrasing them differently.  This back and forth questioning took place over a two week period. Then out of the blue the compliance mangers stopped calling; they did not notify the support house staff of the outcome of their, or the Justice Center investigation conclusion.    

One day, through a third party source, it was discovered that France’s body was released to her family and they already buried her. To the relief of the Support House staff, this meant that the autopsy was done and cause of death determined. Since the Support House compliance mangers stopped their constant badgering, and no one has heard from the Justice Center; the autopsy ruled out foul play.

Deep down, the Support Staff believes that Frances committed suicide; this is because when her body was found there was dry form stains around her mouth which suggests she drank some type of chemical agent; she also had a picture of her deceased boyfriend in her hand; but she left no suicide note.

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