Giant of Kandahar

I got in a discussion about the subject of “out of place (OOP) artifacts. I guess I never learn not to get into these types of discussion with people who are indoctrinated in the belief that the world and human beings were made by an invisible all powerful entity. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence they will bring out the big book of fairy tales, the Bible.

Well at least the Bible did point out the existence of giants. This reminded me of something I heard a few years back from some of my Brothers from another Mother who had a brief stint in Afghanistan. They talked about a unit’s encounter with a red haired giant in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan. After the giant was vanquished, the military took away the body and has not said anything to the general public. I guess the Soldiers involved were ordered to keep their mouth shut.

It is fortunate that there are some Soldiers who will blow the whistle on government cover ups. Given the way Veterans are treated, it is a wonder that those who were involved in classified operations or were told to keep quiet about stuff that they were directly involved in and witnesses, are not coming forward to disclosure government deception, cover up and secrets.


  1. Hello True George,

    I found a comment on maybe a Reddit thread where someone linked to some audio where they talk about this story, it starts in the early parts and ends at about 40 minutes in:

    [audio src="" /]

    -John Jr


  2. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing this, I like stories like this, I wish that there were some more details (skin color, eye color, did it have reproductive organs, et cetera) and more evidence (pictures, video, audio, documents, et cetera) though.

    If this is true, I wonder if anyone explored that cave, and have any others been found (especially females); and where is the body now and what information have they found out about it?

    If this is real, why do you think that they are hiding this, and do you think that they will ever release information about this officially?

    -John Jr

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    • The word was going around at the base where the unit was stationed. There has been multiple reports that the giant’s body was brought to the US to Area 51.
      Yes, I believe they examined the body and have all the biological information.
      I believe that the information on the giant will never be disclosed to the general public.
      Perhaps the cave was explored if it was a priority; remember anything outside the war effort will take time because money will be taken away from financing the war

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    • That hasn’t happened in the US yet, but there is one case. Italy put out an arrest warrant on a Soldier from the 69th Infantry. There was a high profile incident where Italian officials just got one of their popular news Reporters released from being held by insurgents. She and the officials were driving in an Italian gov’t car with their flag on it. They came to a US checkpoint and instead of stopping the Driver sped up so the decision was made to take the car out. The Soldier was the gunner who did the job. The Driver was killed and the other car occupants wounded. The US military cleared the Soldier of wrongdoing. The Car did not yield to the checkpoint. But in Italy, the politicians weren’t satisfied. They want to trial the Soldier in a Court of Law for War Crimes.


        • Very sad state of affairs that the gov’t will allow a Soldier to be sued or brought up on charges for carrying out sanctioned operations.
          But on the other hand gov’t want to wash their hands if they think a Soldier did something that is was outside of normal operations. Something that is politically charging or follow inappropriate orders or orders deemed illegal
          In the US the gov’t tend to be good about shielding the Soldier from civilian prosecution for sanctioned military acts.


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