Passing Notes

Back in time  during an earlier part of life, when we saw that someone that made our heart beat a little faster we used to write them a little love note to express our feeling towards them.

But sometimes a curve ball is thrown when those that we call friends get a wind of your happiness and active pursuit of a target for your affections.

They see you and her passing those notes back and forth and then they would tease you so much it made your life a living hell that you feel the need to get back your dignity by punching out the ring leader; and make the person who spilled the beans to the others suffer the pain when your foot connects to their head after you knocked them down.

No matter the route taken to resolve the conflict that so called friends created; the damage is done; the note passing ends and the pursuit is over. The loss of interest after being momentary distracted. In a twisted way, your so called friend’s goal was met; they got rid of whoever was in the way of them not getting your attention.

Could it be that these friends were acting out of jealously; maybe they couldn’t shudder the thought of losing to someone who have you captured in ways that they don’t understand and they know they cannot compete?     

I often wonder how girls feel when their names are being called out even though they are not the ones being targeted for teasing.

Perhaps anyone who has had a similar experience can relate.


  1. Also, some people would find out you liked someone, then send you a note supposedly from them (but wasn’t). Then you’d make more contact with them and they’d wonder what was going on. When all became clear, you’d both be highly embarrassed!

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    • Oh, yeah I remember that too; and the other side. Someone you like somebody but haven’t built up the courage to say something. They would hold it over your head and say I’m going to tell so and so you like her if you don’t do what I tell you to do…


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