Caring Spirit

It was between 1:30 -2:00 early morning when I was in bed lying down on my back reflecting on some things that I had on my mind. First I was on top of the covers because it wasn’t that cold, even with the air conditioner on.

As I was lying there reflecting on certain things, I felt the mattress on my right side dented in as though someone has placed their weight on it. It was only for a brief minute. But after a couple of minutes, I felt the room temperature drop; I suppose that the air conditioner refrigeration kicked in and cooled the room down to the point where I felt that it would be more comfortable to be under the sheets instead of on top. So I went under the covers.

I decided to lay on my right side, facing the left. My head and the rest of my body were covered only my face was exposed.  Then after a couple of minutes I felt the presence of a woman and it was like she was tucking me in making sure that I was comfortable.

I felt the rest of the excess sheets being tucked under my side, and the back of the legs. Then I felt the pillow being pushed and positioned and when I moved my head to the pillow’s new position, it was very comfortable.

With my new found comfort, it looked like I was drifting down when I heard the figure come back. There was the smell of some sort of oil and then I heard something like hands rubbing together similar to how someone rubs cream in their hands.

I felt my arm being lifted and the figure was attempting to rub something on me. However, at the same time images were popping into my head. It was an image of a face; a man’s face that looked like a clown, but the only thing is that the man had no lips. His teeth were exposed similar to the pictures I’ve seen of people who got their lips chopped off.

Then image changed to the man sitting in the back of a limo; and the clown face mask that he had on was placed on some sort of table. I got the understanding that after the man put the mask on, the mask cut off his lips. I was seeing the events unfold; I wanted to see everything that led up to the man having to put on the mask. 

Only, the figure pulling up my arm to rub whatever substance, cream or oil on me was interrupting the images. Plus the smell resembled that of bicycle oil. It was annoying and now the feelings I got towards the figure went from being comforted to being intruded on.

I took control of my arm, and moved it backwards gesturing to the figure to leave me alone. When I did that, the figure disappeared. When the figure disappeared, the smell of oil gradually changed to a smell that resembled that of pond’s hand cream. The fragrance was soothing and it lingered in the air for a time period before it gradually dissipated.

This left me wondering, if this was the same figure that I encountered before. I was completely lucid and could have turned around to take a look at the figure. Yet, feeling comfortable and the feelings of love that was projecting from the figure; I felt no desire to identify the figure because I felt a strong sense of trust. I must have had some familiarity with that spirit, but I guess I will know that in time.

 But part of me can’t help but feeling that the figure may have been deceptive. Spirits have a tendency to have an ulterior motive when it makes contact. They will use whatever means they could. In this case was it love. Why did it come back to rub some sort of substance on me. Was it providing protection; or was my feeling of being intruded on correct. Or was it even the same being?

I felt that I should have mad moves to see if I could make some sort of communication. But I guess I would have to keep that idea in the back of my head for next time.  

I did not regain the image of how the man became a clown without any lips after the figure left.

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