Call The Police

When Counselor Peter reported for his shift at the Support House; Tonya was outside sitting on the stairs in front of the entrance doors. Tonya was in distress and glad to see Peter, so that she can see if he can help her out. Tonya said, “Peter, Peter, help me; could you call the Police, someone came into my room and stole my money.” Peter’s thoughts in his head was that Tonya’s functioning baseline is off again, and she is bugging out. Peter said, “come on Tonya, I have to go and clock in before they say I’m late.”

After Peter clocked in and went into the back to get the informal briefing about what took place during the last shift, who is refusing meds, and who was admitted to the Psych Ward. Tonya’s name was mentioned, alerting Peter to take care in dealing with her because her mental state is decompensating.

 Peter mentioned that between the periods of spring, and fall, it always happen, and during that time, Tonya opens her door and allows the residence drug users to enter her room and do their drugs, and drink their liquor. Before they leave, they sexual abuse her, and she gives them her money and food.  When it is all over, she makes allegations that she was robbed by unknown assailants, when she knows dam well who she let in her room. Peter said, “you know, she wanted me to call the Police so that she can make a report that she was robbed.”

Peter decides to pay her no mind and not to waste time dealing with Tonya’s delusions that she was robbed. Later on, during the shift, Jack, came to the office and said to Peter that “Tonya sent me to ask you to call the Police.” Peter said, “Ok,” but Peter had no intention of calling the Police. Peter told his work partner, “would you believe that Tonya sent Jack to ask me to call the Police.”  

About thirty minutes later, the front desk Security Guard called Peter, and told him that Tonya called the Police, and that they are outside speaking with her. Apparently, someone lent Tonya their phone, which she used to call the Police, concerning her allegations that unknown assailants came into her room and robbed her.

 When Peter went outside, the responding officers were having a hard time understanding what Tonya was saying. Between her speaking in a thick Spanish accent, and mis pronouncing words, and the incongruent way which she was speaking.

But the Officers did show a little bit of patience when dealing with Tonya, in part because they know that the address where they are is a houseful of mentally challenged individuals. Plus, one of the Officers regularly responds to emergency calls that is often placed by the residence staff when a house resident has a psychotic breakdown.     

 Peter asked the Cops, “do you understand what she is talking about?” One of the Cops stated “barely.” Peter cleared up the confusion. He said, “she is claiming that people came into her room and took her money. She doesn’t know the identity of the people.” The Cop speaking for the group asked, “if she doesn’t know who went into her room, how are we going to take a report.?”

Peter explains that she always dose this, she lets people into her room, they engage in substance abuse, and she gives them her money; and later on says that she is a robbery victim.”

 Tonya, seeing the doubt on the faces of the Police Officers that they were not taking her robbery allegations seriously. She decided to make allegations that she was raped.

Well, now that Tonya has thrown, rape allegations in the mix, the Cops are required to take it seriously and do a preliminary investigation. However, Tonya was not fourth coming with any details of the alleged rape.

 Peter stepped in, speaking to Tonya in a manner in which she always responds too; Peter states in a stern manner, “Tonya, when was you raped?’  Tonya said, “two weeks ago.” Peter asked, in that same stern voice; “where?” Tonya answered, while pointing her finger, “over there, a block away on the corner.” Peter asked, “do you know who raped you?” Tonya, lolly gagging stated, “I don’t know, I don’t know,” then she said, “you!” Peter said, “what!” Tonya repeated, “you raped me.” Peter turned and looked at the Cops gesturing I don’t know by shrugging his shoulders.

The Cops did a little huddle, then stated that they have seen enough, and asked Peter, “did she take her meds today.”  Peter said, “ it isn’t time for her to take her evening meds; but, according to the med book, she refused to take her meds this morning; and, yesterday, she never showed up to take the morning, or evening meds.”

The Cops announced to Tonya, that they are calling the Ambulance to take her to the Psych Ward’s emergency room, for an evaluation. Tonya shouted, “nooo! Nooo! I don’t want to go to the Hospital.” She got the glass that had some water in it, that she was using as an ash tray, and threw it in the direction to where Peter, and the Security Guard, were standing. It missed hitting the Security Guard, but, it hit Peter on the leg.

The Cops told Peter, and the Security Guard, to back up, out of the range, if Tonya decided to throw anything else, because they don’t want to arrest Tonya.

With Tonya protesting, and saying things like “I don’t wanna go.” She started swinging her walking cain in hopes of hitting someone, to deter them from taking her against her will. But, one of the Officers quickly wrestled the cain from her, before she actually hits someone.

It wasn’t too long before the Ambulance showed up. They got the stretcher out and told Tonya that she can do it the easy way, or the hard way. They had the sedation syringe ready to use if it was necessary. Either way, Tonya was going to the Psych Ward ER, whether she liked it or not.

It was like a comedy show watching while the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) were struggling to put Tonya on the stretcher. With Tonya making noise and urging that she be strapped in snugly. But there was an element of how pitiful and hopelessness of the mentally ill going through the experience that Tonya is going through. Now it remains to be seen how long the Psych Ward will keep Tonya before they release her.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved

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