Happy Birthday

Today is Tanya’s birthday; being the attention seeking melo-dramatic person she is, she was telling everyone, “today’s my birthday; what are you going to give me?” Some people feeling sorry for her, gave her some cigarettes. While others gave her some money, ranging from one dollar to ten dollars.

One of Tanya’s fellow resident, Shanda said, “Tanya, I’m going to throw you a party. Invite who you want, everyone is going to have a good time.”  

Tanya was very happy when she heard this, she now believes that she is cared for. She started to invite all her fellow residents to her birthday party at Shanda’s unit at six O’ clock.

The resident staff was in the back gaffing about Tanya’s behavior. Counselor Troy said, “did you see how Tanya is acting. She’s been outside all day, going around, telling everyone it’s her birthday. She is asking people to give her a birthday gift.”

Counselor Tina said, yeah, and I heard Shanda is throwing a birthday party for her at six. What a sweet thing she is doing for Tanya.”

Counselor James said, “yeah, we better watch out, the residents will be drinking, and we know how they get when they are under the influence.  Would you believe that Tanya, refused her meds, because she said she intends to drink and have a good time. But I can’t believe Shanda is doing something nice, especially for Tanya, when she doesn’t give a shit about her.”

Counselor Troy said, “yep, where is Shanda getting the money to buy the drinks; the little money she gets, her man takes it from her. Shanda must have something up her sleeve.”

It was five fifteen when Shanda came into the garden area where Tanya was, and she said, “I’m sorry Tanya, I have to cancel the party, something came up and I have to leave.”

Tanya was very disappointed; and she let her disappointment be known. Tanya screaming at the top of her lungs, “ahhhhhh, you bitch! you bitch! You never wanted to throw me a party, you don’t give a fuck about anyone…fuck you!” Shanda, paying Tanya no mind left and went about her business.

Counselor Troy remarked, “yeah, I knew Shanda wasn’t going to do anything; she never invites any of her fellow residents to her unit, why would she suddenly have a party.”

A rejected Tanya, went up to her unit in tears; asked if a staff member can bring her cake up to her unit for her, took her evening meds so she can fall asleep and not think about the disappointment of not having a party.  

© 2020 All Rights Reserved

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