K2 Intoxication

It was one of those nights; quiet and with the majority of the residents having taken their evening meds, there was a little me time for Counselor Jorge. The me time was spent catching up watching videos on Netflix. But then the tranquility of the night was shattered.

There was a loud voice repeating the question; “what happened!” “What happened!” The question was repeating it self like a broken record. Counselor Jorge, said to himself; “dam it, what is it now? Every time I get settled to do something personal, somebody is always interrupting me.”

Jorge dragged himself out of the medication room and started to go up the stair case towards were he heard the voices.  When he reached the 3rd floor, he saw one of the residents, Thompson, coming down the stairs.

Thompson was in a state of distress, he was crying, and mumbling something, and was barely holding himself up. If it wasn’t for the stair’s handrails, he would have fell down and injured himself.

It didn’t help that most of the noise was being made by Counselor May. She was the one shouting at the top of her lungs, “what happened!” “What happened!” “What happened!” Counselor May must have seen Thompson’s erratic movements on camera and rushed up the stairs in an attempt to assist him. Thompson was not in the condition to give Counselor May an answer.

So, now Counselor Jorge is getting a headache from all the noise that both Counselor May, and Thompson is verbalizing. Jorge said to Counselor May, “shut the fuck up already, I can’t even hear what Thompson is saying.”

But it was difficult to understand what Thompson was saying, and the fact that he is not in a stable state of mind. Whatever he was rambling about didn’t make any sense. Then he finally said something that the Counselor understood, “I want my meds.” Counselor Jorge replied, “no, you can’t take any meds right now.” Thompson, answered, “why not.” Jorge said “because, right now, you are fucked up.”

Thompson said, but, ‘the voices said that I have to take my meds.” Jorge replied, “you see, you’re hearing voices; I’m going to call EMS.”

Jorge went over to the desk phone, and dialed 911; but he only heard a beeping sound. Jorge thoughts were, dam it, they did send out the message that the phones will be down. This agency always has a hard time keeping their phones up.

Using, his cell phone, Jorge calls 911 and tells the 911dispatcher the necessary demographics.  But, the dispatcher then connects the call to the responding EMS crew. Then they started to ask the same questions again. “Is he awoke, is he bleeding, is he breathing, does he have any weapons, is he violent, frankly, it was getting a bit ridiculous, Jorge thinks “wow, this is taken too long for an emergency call.”  Before Jorge hanged up the phone, he spotted 5 cops entering the building.

Jorge said, dam that was fast. “Now I understand what was going on. I guess they wanted the Police to respond first, making sure it is safe for the EMS personnel.”

By the time the Police arrive, Thompson was a bit more lucid. He explained, “ I was just smoking some K2.”

When the EMS crew arrived, and checked Thompson’s vitals, they found that everything was normal. The EMS crew chief asked Jorge, “so what do you want us to do?” Jorge said, “take him to the ER.”

Thompson started to protest, “no, I don’t want to go to the ER.”  “Jorge said, look man, you were fucked up, and you can’t stand up properly or walk,” Thompson said, “sure, I can stand up.” He stood up to demonstrate that he can stand up, and walk; “Jorge said, “good, now you can walk your ass to the ambulance outside.”

Thompson, said, “come on man, I only smoked K2; and what you saw is a symptom of what happens.”

Jorge, explained, “being that you were in the condition that you were in, it isn’t a good idea to let you return back up to your room. If you should fall and bust your ass; the first thing that you’re going to say is that Jorge said, that you didn’t have to go to the ER. Then the next thing that will happen is the Director will call the Justice Center, and they will open up an investigation, as to why wasn’t you allowed to go to the ER. You want to know something; I like my dollars, so Just go, if it is nothing, you’ll be out of there in 2 hours. Besides, you don’t have a choice.”

Reluctantly, Thompson, agreed to go, which was a good thing, because if he didn’t agree, the Cops would have made sure that he went into the ambulance.

After Thompson, left with the EMS crew to go to the ER, and the Police vacated the building. Counselor May asked, “wow, K2 make them bug out like that?” Jorge said, “I don’t know, I’ve never seen anyone act like that after smoking K2. I thought the motherfucker took mushrooms, the way he was crying, and rambling.”   

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