Easy Pickings

            Tanya did not have her Home Health Aide with her this morning. Her regular aide had to take care of some personal business, so she called out. The company did not send in a replacement., so she is on her own this weekend.

It is the time of year when Tanya is off a base line, she becomes annoying, and behaves peculiar. That is in addition to being taking advantage of by her fellow house mates. They befriend her, help her to go to the check cashing place. Then gradually, they get her to give them her money, and food stamp card.

They use Tanya’s money to buy drugs, K-2, and crack, and they congregate in Tanya’s room smoking and getting high. In between of whatever takes place while they are high. It often ends up with Tanya being the object of sexual activity.

Even though what takes place is consensual, Tanya does not have the mental capacity to recognize that she is being mistreated.  In addition to being sexual abused her housemates eat up what little food she has, drink up her beverages,  and when it’s all said and done; after the drugs, food and money supply run out, they leave Tanya by herself with nothing.

 Afterwards, Tanya goes around and complains that nobody loves her. She even goes to the house staff and tell them that she was robbed. All without admitting her role as to why she allows her house mates to take advantage of her, and willingly give up her resources.

But the biggest thing is that Tanya also colludes, and indulges in taking part in the smoking, and ingesting of the un-prescribed illegal drugs. Tanya claims that she does not partake in the illicit activity. But the problem with Tanya is that she cannot hide it, because when she does smoke K2, crack, or snort some cocaine, she acts more bizarre than usual, and she lose control over her bowels and urine movements.

In this instance, since she was without a HHA; Tanya lost control over her bowels, and shitted and pissed all over her unit. It is unknown how long she wallowed in her waste before she went to the airphone and reluctantly told staff of her dilemma.   

The available staff had to don Haz Mat suits and clean up the mess. Tanya’s mattress had to be discarded, and her room aired out.

The fall out, was that it prompted one of the staff to quit. She said “I didn’t sign up  to clean up any of the resident’s shit;  mail me my check, I’m outta here.”  

As for Tanya, she wasn’t that far gone to recognize that she fucked up; she knew she did wrong and she knows enough to shut the fuck up, stay quiet, and keep out the staff’s way for the rest of the day.    

© 2020 All Rights Reserved

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