Kerosene Oil

From the first day that Kate arrived to the Support House, she has been the center of controversial. Kate is not only new to the Support House, but she is also new to the City. Not much is known about her; except for that she was living in Alabama for a few years, and before that Texas. She came to the Big Apple under mysterious circumstances, and because of her fragile mental condition, it wasn’t too long before she ended up being a plus one of the City’s homeless population; living on the streets. She was eventually picked up by the City’s Department of Homeless Services outreach workers, and placed in a homeless shelter, where the Shelter Caseworkers helped her get on a medication regiment that brought some mental stability.

Now that Kate is stabilized, she was referred and accepted to the Support House program, where she could regain her independence.

As Kate checked into the Support House, she was sighted by Cary who immediately became infatuated with her at first sight. Cary might have been under the influence of cocaine, or alcohol, coupled with his prescription meds. Or was it Kate’s white skin; perhaps he smelled a vulnerability, and he wanted to make her a drug mule, as well as a play thing? Cary don’t even know what goes on through his mind most of the time. 

But before he could introduce himself and impose himself upon Kate, he was involved in the altercation and barricaded himself in his room; upon his return to the residence and a being released by the Psychiatry Emergency; Cary started his campaign to get into Kate’s pants. But he had competition from his fellow resident Jimmy. However, Carey’s attempt to pick up Kate amounted to sexual harassment.

Kate went down to the Support House staff and complained she said, “I don’t feel comfortable being around Cary, he keeps on bothering me.” The Support House worker, Libby said “ I will encourage Cary to stay away from you; but there is not much that we can do; but if you should feel threatened, or things get out of hand, then you should call the Police.”   

In the coming days, Jimmy and Cary were competing hard for Kate’s attention. From the outside looking in, it seems like both were more interested in selling her drugs and having her as a regular customer then as a romantic partner.

It turns out that Kate is a prolific drug abuser; it seems that she is always high, and in some ways encourages Jimmy and Cary because they end up giving her some type of drug, if she pays them some attention once in a while. But ultimately, there was a third party in the mix, it was Simple Sam, the local drug dealer. Kate rejected both Cary and Jimmy to become the drug dealer’s girlfriend.  

Simple Sam regularly makes visits to the Support House and supplies Drugs to various residents to sell for him. He also comes to collect money from the active users, taking full advantage of the House residents’ mental impairment. 

Now that Kate is new meat, he sank his hooks into her, and being a sound minded person, and a street hustler, he swooped in and swept Kate off her feet.  If Kate genuinely had some sort of affection for Simple Sam, or vice versa; the fact is twenty something Simple Sam’s real interest in a middle-aged Kate is to make her his latest drug mule.

Now that she is in Simple Sam’s hooks, Carey, and Jimmy backed off in their attempts to rein in Kate. Whatever Simple Sam had Kate do on the outside, she is convinced that he loves her. She decides that she wants to leave the Support House, and move in with Simple Sam.

She gives up her room and moved out. Libby said to the Director, “isn’t there anything that can be done, she doesn’t know what she is doing.” The Director said, “I know, but there is nothing that we can do, she made her choice. But I’m not going to tell the administration that we have a room available, I have a feeling that we have not seen the last of her.”

Sure enough, the Director’s intuition was correct. Three months later, Simple Sam had no more use for Kate, and kicked her out of his home. Kate was back on the streets, going around pan handling to get some money to support her habit.

One of the House worker’s sighted Kate on the street and brought her back to the house. The Director tells her, “you’re lucky that we still have your room available. The next time you feel like leaving, you need to see me first.” Kate agreed that she won’t do anything without talking to staff first.

Now that Kate is back in the House, she is back in Carey’s sight, and now they are an item in the house. Carey thinks he struck gold. But he didn’t know that there is such a thing as “fools gold.” Kate is not something that one should even consider as being gold. But then again, Carey doesn’t even treat her as if he struck gold.

Carey often verbally abuse her, cussing her out and calling her a bitch, especially when both are under the influence of some type of drug. Carey attempts to control Kate, but is bad at doing it.  Kate is promiscuous, sleeping with the house’s male residents who are willing to supply her with drugs, or money.

In fact, Kate is what is called “kerosene oil;” a woman who is the source of problems; and when the dust is settled, rarely suffer the consequences of the problems she causes. Kerosene oil burns, and it adds fuel to fire, making the fire hotter and hard to put out.

Some may say that she is a scalawag because people have a knack of thinking that the mentally ill isn’t responsible for their actions. When in reality, the mentally ill are just as or even more calculated then any sound minded person.   

Kate often creates tensions between the house male residents, and is a candidate for being abused, which keeps staff on the alert, to defuse tensions that she creates.  But soon, staff needs to get her out of the house for her own protection. She has a condition that there is no cure for; that can be transmitted to others through sexual contact.

The fact that the House residents are mentally impaired, and most of them do not engage in safe sex activities, odds are they were exposed to Kate’s condition and most likely, one of them will end up with the same condition. When Cary and the others find out, that they were exposed to this sexual transmitted disease, who knows what they’ll do to Kate.

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