Mental Anguish

Resident Kamarla Oldman, who have been residing in the support house going on for almost five years. During the time she is no longer on psych meds, and her mental condition is relatively stable. Although from time to time, she displays behavior that reinforces the need for on-going support. But tonight, she snapped.

It began with a verbal altercation with security. The Guard noticed that Karmala wasn’t wearing her mask in the common area.  Security asked, Karmala, “where is your mask?” Karmala responded, “why are you into my business?” “If you would like to know, I don’t wear a mask when I’m in the house, I don’t need to tell you why, the Director knows about it, so stay out of my fucking business!”  Words between security, and Karmala were exchanged back and forth, then at the top of her lungs, Karmal shouted, “Joseee!”  

Jose is the one of the night Counselors, Karmala, has a crush on Jose, and she tells him every detail of her life. Perhaps, she has hopes that Jose will one day become romantically involved with her. For Jose, this is a mixed-up situation. On one hand, Karmala, gives Jose total compliance when it comes to following the house rules, and she gives Jose intell of illicit activity taking place in the house, Which helps Jose in some ways.

On the other hand, Karmala can be a pain in the ass, she is always calling on him for any little thing, plus she asks him to do favors like go to the kitchen and get her some snacks. Jose doesn’t mind doing little things, but sometimes, Karmala’s timing when to ask such favors can be detrimental.   

After arguing with security, Karmala, comes to the office, and says, “Jose, speak to security, the Director knows that I refuse to wear my mask in the house because there is poor circulation, it makes it hard to breath with the mask on.” Jose said, “don’t worry about it, I’ll speak with security.” Karmala, left to got to her room. Jose doesn’t intend to speak with security, because security did nothing wrong in asking Karmala to put her mask on.

Shortly Karmala, comes back to the office and told Jose, “make sure you let security know not to say anything to me, if it isn’t work related.” Then on her way outside, she stopped at the security desk, and argued with security again.

Shortly, Karmala returns to the house wailing, and crying. Before she reaches the entrance, Jose calls security, and says, “Karmala is coming back, she is crying, be on your P’s and Q’s.” 

When Karmala entered the house, she was wailing and crying so loud, that Jose, had to come out of the office to see what has upset her so much.

Resident Timmy was in the lobby with Karmala, Jose wonders, what is Timmy doing hanging around with Karmala? I hope she isn’t smoking any of that K2.

Timmy is a prolific drug user; his choice of drugs is k2, crack and cocaine. He has been hyper all night and walking around like he is possessed. Jose hopes that Karmala isn’t hanging out with him, even though Karmala is not a known drug abuser, Timmy may have influenced her to indulge in k2.

But, to Jose’s surprise, Timmy has expressed some genuine concern for Karmala; He feels that Karmala is in destress, because she witnessed something took place on the street.

Jose went upstairs to Karmala’s room to speak to her and to make a determination, if she should indeed be sent to the psych ward.

Karmala was laying on her bed wailing and crying, kicking her legs; Jose got her to calm down, enough for her to say what she is feeling. But all she did was ramble.

 Karmala said she went to the Police Precinct to complain about her fellow house residents, but the Cops didn’t pay her any mind, and kicked her out the Precinct. Then she spoke bout being all alone since her mother died. But that did not make sense, because Karmala never did have a relationship with her mother; they never spoke or visited each other.

But Timmy mentioned that she said that she was distressed because she witnessed something on the street. Does he have information, that Jose don’t know about?

Jose attempts to get some answers out of Karmala, but what she was saying does not make any sense; Jose had enough and said to Karmala, “look, we have certain responsibilities, you’re in distress, I’m going to have to call EMS…

EMS was called, but before Jose hung up the phone with the 911 operator, six cops arrive to make sure everything is safe. It is City protocol that Cops respond to a psych alert. This is something Karmala wanted to avoid, she wanted no dealings with the Police.

Timmy ran upstairs and alerted her that Jose and the Police were coming up to her room. Karmala quickly got her outside garments, and went to the emergency stair case and ran down to the lobby and fled away from the building.

Meanwhile, Jose and the Police keyed into her unit and found that she was gone. Jose called down to the security desk to see if Karmala is in the lobby; security told him that she left the building.

The dilemma is that Karmala wasted everyone’s time, she didn’t even want to deal with her psychotic breakdown; it is only a matter of time before her mental state will start to deteriorate to the point where she is going to end up in the psych ward one way or another.  

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