In this life there are predators, and there are prey; it comes in many forms among a community, institutions, families etc. The way it plays out is different depending on the environment and conditions. So, it comes as no surprise that in a living environment such as a support house for the mental ill; there are predator and prey. Yet, It is hard to believe that the mentally ill who tends to be the victims of abuse would turnaround and abuse each other, instead of being supportive to one another.

There are many reasons why the mentally ill behave this way; but in this particular Support House, which could be a representation of what takes place in similar environment; the predators may not necessary be the thugs or those loan sharking and dealing drugs to their fellow housemates. This is another kind of fishing that is pervasive; but there is another kind, it can be considered heinous, but the prey always ends up becoming willing participants, and it always revolves around homosexuality.     

The predatory behavior may be a result of the predator’s experience.  In the support house environment, it is common that some residents spent time in the state penitentiary. What takes place in the penitentiary is another environment of predator and prey; and that those that are prayed upon may engage in behavior that could be a matter of survival for them. It is so drastic that heterosexual males engage in homosexual practices. Some do it on a voluntary basis, while for other it is not so voluntary.   

 Inmate Fleece “ Booty Warrior” Johnson summed it up like this; “that there are a bunch of men locked up together; all of them get hard; all of them have sexual desires; so, what are they going to do? You won’t let them have a woman; they’re going to have to have each other…Somebody is going to have to give up some booty… it just that simple.”

This inmate explained that during his prime when he was the most active, he said “when I  saw someone that looked good to me,  I would jester for him to come up to me and I’d say, I like ya, and I want ya, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way, The choice is yours.” In essence, he gave them an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

 The victims of this type of abuse that is meted out by predators like the Booty Warrior Fleece Johnson, often engage in the same type of predatory behavior after their period of abuse is over. Now they give to others what they endured.

  On the other hand, there are those who were not in a prison environment when they were a victim of a homosexual predator. Take for instance Chaplin. One could say that he is the dominate homosexual predator living in the support house. Chaplin was turned out during his younger years living in a housing project; during that time of pre-adolescent, instead of enjoying life he used to be preyed upon by two male teenagers. The teens regularly sexual abused him; forcing him into engaging in homosexual activity.

 But in the scheme of things, those two teenagers were probably victims of the same type of abuse that they are now meting out.

From that time on, there was a mental struggle that was taking place. Something was taking place that Chaplin did not understand. Even though the abuse that he experienced was unwanted, there was a physiology response that cannot be controlled, because the body reacts to being stimulated.

 Rape victims have reported experiencing the strongest orgasm that they ever felt while they were being raped and victims that were preyed upon and rapped over a sustained period of time felt some type of orgasmic pleasure at some point in time during the period of abuse. The physiology responses is something that is mentally damaging to a person, especially because the rape was something unwanted.  

 Consider that in a normal relationship, people often confuse body sensations, and physiology responses with love. Especially if they never felt it before; but only with a particular person. They will attach emotions to the body sensations brought on by the physiology responses, and may not recognize that the particular person is experienced and know which part of the body is sensitive. Now, if a sound minded person has issue with this, imagine the mental confusion in rape victims.

 So now Chaplin has concluded that he has a same sex orientation, he is a resident of the support house and is a shark in a sea full of fishes.

The other sharks in the support house are two females. Jacky and Maria; their brand of predatory behavior is to offer sexual services to male residents, if the price is right. Business has been good, the mentally ill are known for often engaging in frequent sexual activities and have no concept of safe sex awareness. At least with Jacky and Maria, they have the fortitude to use condoms during their activity.

In a sense, Jacky and Maria was providing a service to the residents, they are using condoms, thus, ensuring safe sex; they are fulfilling the sexual gratification of the house residents; in return, they get the compensation that they are charging. This is something that the house staff recognizes, and know that the activity is taken place; but do not officially condone or condemn.

But there was a turn of events, Jacky and Maria decided to move to the organization’s new building. The building houses those that graduate from level II support to being totally independent. The only role the program will have is to assist with managing their medication, and crises intervention; otherwise they are free and independent.

Now that Jacky and Maria have been liberated from the restrictions of the support house; it left a void. The service that they have been providing among the house residents, are no longer available. This give rise to opportunity; Chaplin, the main perpetrator becomes a hawk, looking down on its prey gliding down and swooping in for the kill. He is even turning out heterosexuals and grooming them into living a homosexual lifestyle while they are in the support house environment.

Chaplin’s prey are seduced and become willing participants in Chaplin’s predatory behavior. The prey will intern engage in homosexual activities with each other. Some may even choose not to give up women and decide to be bi-sexual.

But the biggest question is, will those that are turned out into engaging in homosexual activities will in turn, go out and continue the cycle of preying on the weak. In a twisted way, it is like Vampires; one Vampire turns a few, who goes out and turn others. Too bad killing the source of abuse won’t kill off the damaged done to the predator’s victims.                       

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