Have Some Beer

I was relaxing in my desk’s chair with my head tilted back on the head rest. This is when I felt that a cat was on the left side of my leg, by the left side desk leg. It wasn’t my cat, because this cat was a smaller cat. It seemed it was a kitten.

The desk suddenly started to move to the right; it moved so much to the right that the table’s left leg was now located by my right leg. I was going to open my eyes to see if the table physically moved. But, on second thoughts I knew that I was in an experience, so I didn’t bother to open my eyes to check if things had changed physically. I didn’t want to end the subjective experience yet.

 Then the table flipped over, from the left side to the right. The top of the table was now facing the ground, with the table’s legs in the air.  The overturned table was floating in the air, then it turned back right side up. I did not see what happened to the stuff that was on the table, but there was no evidence that anything from the table ended up on the floor.

Then someone came in, in as much as I didn’t recognize who the figure was,  it had the energy that felt like he was my Brother, although he wasn’t my brother. A six pack of beer was placed on the desk. A can of beer was opened and the person with my Brother’s energy was urging me to drink it. He was being persuasive because he knows that I haven’t drank beer in over two years, perhaps it was a challenge to him to get me to drink some beer. Maybe if he gets me to drink some beer during a subjective experience, perhaps I would start to drink beer again in real time in the physical world.

But then the can of beer was overturned, and the beer spilled over to the base of my computer monitors. The person with my Brother’s energy said that I should stop the nonsense and start drinking beer again.

Some other figures entered, they were saying and doing things to get me out of state. But none of it didn’t work. I was too aware of what I was doing, as well as what the figures wanted to do. I thought to myself that I don’t like being in this state where everyone is trying to disrupt me.

Then gradually, all the figures disappeared, and it wasn’t long before I got out of state naturally.

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