Morning After

Ann rushed downstairs; she forgot her laxative powder on the counter. While she was downstairs, she saw Counselor Jose. She was glad Jose was around because she wanted to ask him some things.

Upon seeing Jose, Ann says, “hello, do you have a moment, I want to talk to you about something.” Jose responded, “sure, how are you feeling and what have you’ve been up to lately.” Ann said, “well, I’m doing OK, for one, I no longer go to that wed site, “The Kingdom of Stuffed Animals.” It was driving me crazy.” Jose said, “great, I’m glad to hear that, so how are you spending the extra time.” Ann said, “I’ve been spending the time with my boyfriend, Justice. Did you know that he came to the residence last week, he was looking for me, but security didn’t let him in.” Jose, said, “well you know the policy, there are no visitors until this Corona Virus stuff is over.”  Ann, response was, “yeah, I know, but, he came because he hasn’t heard from me; he was concerned.”

Jose asked, “how long didn’t he hear from you?” Ann said, “three days. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, so I turned my phone off.”  Jose said, “oh I see, you cut off contact with people for three days, no wonder he was concerned. I wonder if your relatives would be concerned too. You need to be vigilant, if your loved ones don’t hear from you, they may think that something has happened to you.”

Then Ann asked, “Jose, does it look like I’m pregnant?” Jose looked at Ann, and said, “no, why would you think that you’re pregnant?” Ann said, “I just want to make sure.” Jose said, “well there are indicators that there is a sign of pregnancy. Like morning sickness and weight gain. One of the strongest indicators is a missed period. Did you miss your period this month?”  Ann said, “no, my period isn’t due for another two weeks.”

Ann revealed to Jose the reason why she asked if she was pregnant. She said, “Justice and I have been having unprotected sex.” Jose said, “are you timing it right?” Ann asked, “what do you mean?” Jose said, some women know their bodies, they know when they’re ovulating, they know the timing of their menstrual cycle. It is how some women prevent pregnancy or choose to become pregnant.”

Jose went on, “I know some women who have children every year around the same time. One child is born in June, the other August, the and the other September. It is predictable when they become pregnant, and if those women knew, then their pregnancy was by choice.”

Ann, pondered what Jose said, and she responded, “you know he pulls out before he cums.” Jose said, pulling out may not mean anything, because you can still become pregnant from the pre-cum.”

Ann says, I don’t believe it; she went on her phone and googled “pre-cum.” She read what she found and said to Jose, “ you see it says here that pre-cum does not have any sperm in it, and that you won’t be able to get impregnated. I knew you were wrong.”

Then Ann read aloud the Google search further; and said that “there is a slim chance that pre-cum can cause pregnancy.” Ann conceded that Jose knows what he is talking about.

Jose said, “you see, it only takes one sperm to get you pregnant. If that sperm is the one that came out with the pre-cum, then it is what it is. Besides, you can always get the “morning after pill” and take it after you and Justice have sex.”

Ann said, “those pills are expensive, they cost fifty dollars. Jose asked, “fifty dollars for one pill? Or fifty dollars for a thirty-day supply? If you get a thirty-day supply, that means you can have sex thirty times before you need to get another supply.”

Jose also suggested to Ann to look at other forms of birth control. Jose, told Ann, “well you can get on a regular birth control pill, you can use a contraceptive sponge or use condoms”

Ann, said, OK, I’ll think about what you’ve said.” Before Ann left, Jose said. “ let me know if your period comes.”  

When the elevator came down to the lobby and the door opened up. The lights in the elevator were out, but when the doors fully opened up’ the lights came on. Ann uttered, “I hate this place, the elevator isn’t working properly, I’m scared to take it, now I’m going to take the stairs.”

How ironic, that the elevator is a symbol of the state of mind of the people in the Support House. The elevator represents the mind. It is on the ground floor with lights off. Meaning that no ideas or enlightenment are on their mind. The doors open giving an opportunity to take in new information. But they are scared to cross the threshold, they rather stay in the dark and find a way to keep those old ideas.   

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